Much-Needed Tough Talk from Sen. Graham on the Debt Ceiling

| January 1 2013
David Leeper

After the “fiscal-cliff” fiasco (still playing out), what comes next?  On New Year’s Day, in less than 5 minutes (video below), Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina laid out a strategy for the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations.

Graham is direct and blunt.  It’s nice to hear this kind of language for a change instead of the usual hackneyed GOP talking-point pablum.  Let’s hope the rest of Congress follows a forceful style and leadership strategy like Graham’s.

Parts of the senator’s remarks (paraphrased):

  • The Senate is a dysfunctional place. Everything in the House comes to the Senate to die.
  • Never raise the debt ceiling again until we understand why we’re in such debt and develop a solution to Social Security and Medicare.
  • The president is a small-minded guy in big times. The president runs pep rallies in the middle of a crisis.
  • Make the president face up to the fact that we’re spending our way into oblivion and dooming our children.
  • Message to the president: Man up and be the president the people want you to be.

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