Bizarre inconsistencies in official, media accounts of Sandy Hook

| December 23 2012
Christopher Cook

According to a video at, there are glaring inconsistencies between some media reports and others, and between officials and some media reports, on exactly what weapon was used at Sandy Hook.

The Bushmaster .223 “assault rifle” was cited as one of the weapons used. The medical examiner even went on the record in front of the cameras saying that all the wounds were caused by a long gun. And yet, other media accounts subsequently showed that Lanza left the rifle in his car and only handguns were found in the school.

We submit the forgoing video to you without further comment (at this time), but it is highly curious.

Original reports were that 3 guns were found at the scene of the Sandy Hook elementary school mass shotting in Newtown, Connecticut.


Latest reports are that 4 handguns were found inside the school.

Video shows authorities retrieving the assault rifle from the trunk of Lanza’s car outside the school.

But at a press conference today the Medical Examiner said, “All the wounds I know of at this point were cause by the long weapon.” A reporter then clairifed, “So the rifle was the primary weapon?” The Medical Examiner replying, “Yes.”

So the assault rifle found outside the school in the trunk of Lanza’s car was used to kill every single person?

And the 4 handguns found inside the school weren’t used at all?


I have been waiting for some official report as to exactly the nature of the firearms used in this massacre. It makes no sense to me that there has not been a categorical statement from investigators. Only one thing I myself can assure your readers of….The weapon removed from the trunk of the car in this video is no “assault weapon of any kind. It is difficult to tell exactly what it is but the way the officer was pulling the bolt would indicate it was a short stroke. That rifle looks to me like a .22 LR never the less it absolutely does not cut the profile of an AR-15