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What Democrats Want, Republicans Should Give Them

Posted: December 21, 2012 at 2:00 pm   /   by

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No 21st Century government can afford to ignore the socialistic appeal of welfare and entitlements. Democrat Party politicians have made welfare and entitlement legislation into an art form. Unfortunately they have failed to adequately fund such legislation and as a result America is on the downside of an economic cliff.

Written by Dick McDonald, founder of

Currently the Republican Party is attempting to address the economic cliff by cutting welfare and entitlement benefits represented by $138 trillion of funded and unfunded Federal government liabilities.

Republicans essentially lost the 2012 election because they ignored the appeal of welfare and entitlement benefits.  They promised a stick but no carrots.

However, to be brutally honest the Democrat Party has done a lousy job of elevating the economic fortunes of the poor and the Republican Party as aspirational as it claims to be has touted the fortunes of the 2% that are “job creators” at the expense of the 98% who are the workers. Needless to say the country is in need of serious help

What it needs is a plan. Clearly its leaders need one as they are flying blindly without one. Let’s face it. Neither a “sink or swim” nor a “cradle-to-grave” ideology has worked; and perpetual compromises have only worsened the problem.

In that America is an exceptional country it now needs an exceptional plan that gives Democrats what they want and Republicans what they want. Therefore the Prosperity Commission is introducing the USA Plan that does just that – “USA” standing for Universal Savings Plan – the vehicle that will drive the Plan.

Neither opponent nor supporter of The USA Plan can argue that what it proposes is not something the people want for themselves – real wealth, freedom of choice and the American Dream.  In the USA Plan, the people’s capability to rely on themselves rather than on their government is re-established because the Plan is a guaranteed method to make the poor and middle class wealthy without a dime taken out of their current paychecks.

Those who believe in the ability of the few to orchestrate the lives of the many are just fooling themselves.   The private sector in America has proven that when all 314 million Americans are able to invent, design, develop and implement their ideas freely it prospers socially and economically.  That prescription has made America the economic and military giant of the planet with fewer than 5% of its population.

The USA Plan will make major adjustments that will enable the individual to reacquire the rights and freedoms lost to the emergence of big government over the last century. It will also let capitalism deliver the American Dream as well to those that are unprepared to compete at the level necessary to insure them of that dream.  This will demonstrate to the world that capitalism is not only a system that delivers wealth to the rich, but one that delivers wealth to the poor.

What socialism failed to deliver, capitalism will.  Those that refuse to allow this to happen are doomed to the ash heap of history like all social totalitarians and despots that believe man is so deliriously weak he can be convinced to live in a world of equal outcomes for unequal contributions thereby denying his or her natural instincts, aspirations and effort.

However before capitalists and conservatives can celebrate they must recognize that The USA Plan will not work without a “collective” element – an element that will really deliver the “common good” to our “lower classes” that the Democrat Party has repeatedly promised but failed to deliver. The USA Plan works because its citizens cannot withdraw from the plan and sell their stock until retirement or death. That makes the Plan similar to what Social Security does now.  You can’t collect until you reach retirement age. .

The USA Plan may travel a bumpy road with significant opposition from those whose powers, gravy train and perks will be taken from them.  When opponents put their roadblocks in the way, ask yourself how was it so acceptable to give “personally-owned investment accounts” to politicians, Congressmen, Senators and over 4 million Federal workers through the Federal Thrift Savings Plan and it is so unconscionable and “wrong” to give them to you in the USA Plan?  Ask them why these problems didn’t surface when the legislators gave these personal investment accounts to themselves and government workers?

If it was so simple then, what is the problem now?  Their answer will never rise to a level that would defeat The USA Plan concept that capitalism with a dose of collectivism can deliver the poor from poverty.  In The USA Plan the people use their own money and automatically reinvest it America.  The Thrift Savings Plan uses the people’s tax dollars to finance their personal investment accounts; and they have the gall to tell you that you can’t have one using your own money.  What a group of suckers Americans have become if they let this opportunity pass.  The USA Plan hopes to empower the people and restore some control over their own lives.  To give them back the self-respect and self-esteem they have lost to big government and a lack of individual yet collective team effort.

And lastly don’t let anyone demean the USA and its capability and its exceptionalism. We have a piddling debt to foreigners of $2.3 Trillion and a country worth anywhere from $120 to $400 Trillion.  We can afford to transition to personal accounts out of petty cash.  Don’t let anyone fool you.

And by the way the enactment of the USA Plan will immediately reduce that $138 trillion of debt to $30 trillion – just consult the actuaries.

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What Democrats Want, Republicans Should Give Them