Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard shows others how to get it done

| December 17 2012
Christopher Cook

150 days to get a new trash cart . . .

20% of calls being dropped . . .

One billion dollars behind on infrastructure repairs . . .

A city-owned water company that the city bought for 500 million in 2002 and had accrued 900 million dollars in debt in less than a decade . . .

This is what happens when you let government run things. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard has shown that all of these problems can be fixed with private solutions.

When Greg Ballard was elected mayor of Indianapolis in 2008, he knew his job wouldn’t be easy. Like so many cities in the U.S., Indianapolis was struggling to provide services and projecting a budget shortfall of 150 million dollars in 2012.

Unlike most other cities, however, Indianapolis has become more efficient over the past four years. Under Ballard’s leadership, the city pursued a variety of innovative approaches, including a partnership with a private firm to manage the city’s water and waste water, that have improved services and restored the city’s financial health.

It is possible for government to be more efficient. It is possible to privatize some government services.

Libertarianism works. Big government doesn’t.


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