An Open Letter to Gun-Control advocates: You are responsible for this Nightmare!

| December 14 2012
Greg Conterio

In typical and totally unsurprising fashion, the Friends of Bob Costas, otherwise known as left-leaning gun control advocates have wasted no time transforming the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook into a political issue.  Twitter featured a familiar parade of twits:

Michael Moore: “Too soon to speak out about a gun-crazy nation? No, too late. At least THIRTY-ONE school shootings since Columbine.”

Piers Morgan: “This is now President Obama’s biggest test — will he have the courage to stand up to the American gun lobby?”

Actress Rashida Jones: “Gun control is our only road to freedom. Freedom from the fear of senselessly losing children. I’m so saddened. WE NEED LAWS NOW.”

Well I have a message for all you anti-gun zealots: This is your fault.  That’s right.  Contrary to your twisted, self-serving sense of cause and effect, you share a large portion of responsibility for the innocent deaths Friday morning at Sandy Hook.  The blood is on YOUR hands.

Here is a little news-flash for all you shrieking about the moral imperative for more gun-control laws: We already HAVE laws forbidding possession of firearms on school grounds, including the state of Connecticut.  Making more of them will not stop evil, deranged people from doing violence.  But deliberately disarming good, law-abiding people, particularly in a place like a school, effectively rolls-out a red-carpet for the evil and the deranged, and guarantees a dramatically elevated body-count.

Let me put this in simple terms you should be able to understand.  The insane and the evil walk among us every day.  They don’t care about laws any more than they care about the innocent.  No amount of gun control is going to stop them when they get it into their heads to do violence.  The problem is not keeping guns out of schools, the problem is keeping crazed, evil people out of schools.  And here is the kicker: if some of the staff at Sandy Hook had actually been carrying this morning, if just a few had happened to have concealed-carry permits, and not been prohibited from having their weapons with them at work, we would not have 27 bodies to bury this evening.

It is time for an end to this idiocy.  We have listened to you anti-gun zealots and your paranoid, irrational ranting for long enough.  You have had things your way, and it has not only been a spectacular failure, it has cost innocent lives.  We need a change in the law alright.  We need to put an end to the senseless restrictions against legal, licensed, responsible people carrying their weapons on school grounds.  Sandy Hook needs to be a wake-up call for the total and abject failure of these stupid, ill-conceived and ultimately deadly laws.  School grounds should be no different than any other public venue, and in fact we need to start ENCOURAGING legal, licensed concealed permit holders to bring their weapons to school.  Having guns present in school is not a danger, having crazy evil people present is.  Knowing there are good, armed people present on school grounds will deter lots of those who would do violence, and prevent those who would try anyway from turning it into a massacre.



It is high time we amend the US Constitution. What is it that makes people want to carry guns so badly? Law enforcement and Armed Forces aside (and I am in the Army), if you want to protect yourselves, why does it have to be with a gun? Is it because others have guns? Is it because it makes you feel powerful? If you do not want to touch the second amendment, then why not do things exactly like the founding fathers. Those that want to carry guns can have one-shot, flintlock muskets or pistols; the ones the founding fathers were referring to when they wrote that amendment. Most pro-gun advocates are ignorant, uneducated, or simply misguided. How could someone be so ignorant to think that my child's life is worth you keeping your gun? Right.. I agree our gun control laws are terrible. They need to look more like those in Europe, esp . the UK, where gun violence has dramatically decreased since the ban on hand guns was enacted. Let everyone keep his or her rifles and shotguns, but membership in a licensed and sanctioned hunting or shooting club should be mandatory. We as a nation really need to look at the second amendment and ask ourselves if the same motivation, reasons, and circumstances exist today, that did when the founding fathers wrote it.


Mark Dudley

CPT, US Army


My 26 students arrive daily at 8:00 am.   I spend every minute of my day teaching, listening, helping, coaching, motivating and monitoring my 26 kids.  On good days I have about 15 minutes to eat and maybe a chance to jet down to the restroom before my kids finally hop on the bus to go home at 2:35.  If yo u think I (or any teacher) have the time or skill to pack a gun so we can shoot armed intruders, you are insane.  The problem is that our countrymen and women (you and I) haven't put our senses together to try and fix this problem.  It is a problem we must fix if we care about our country.  A gun won't fix it.    Screaming about the "evil others" who will kill anyway won't fix it.  We, as a country, need to ask what we want to stand for and then start making the changes that will help us create that.


as i already stated before. It is unlawful to place a gun ban . According to our US constitution,we have a right to bear arms. Every citizen should file suit against the gun free zone "law".  And our govt wants to kill the republic. So they are too happy to use evil situations like this to disarm us. Then just think what they would do to good citizens if we gave up our guns.