Union thugs destroy MI hot dog vendor’s business, hurl racial slurs

| December 13 2012
Christopher Cook

With Democrats threatening “there will be blood” and union goons saying there will be civil war, it should come as no surprise that a small hot dog vendor should have his business destroyed by union animals.

Clint Tarver, Lansing’s “Hot Dog Guy,” examines the wreckage of his livelihood, wrought by people who supposedly care about workers:

Anyone who knows the truth about the political left and how they treat gays, blacks, and women who cross them, will not be the least bit surprised by this:

@michellemalkin Min after union thugs tore down tent, assaulted several ppl. & yelling N*gger & Uncle Tom at man below pic.twitter.com/1ycXkE5g

dleeper47 moderator

Another proud moment for labor unions and their supporters. Did anybody see this reported by the DMC (Democrat Media Complex)?