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Crowder challenges union assailant to MMA fight

Posted: December 12, 2012 at 8:07 am   /   by

The fact that Steven Crowder, who was assaulted yesterday by union thugs, is challenging his assailant to a one-on-one MMA bout, is not the only revelation in the video below, but it is certainly an interesting one.

Watch the true face of the union movement in action. This is what unions are. This is what unions have always been.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder found himself in the middle of a brawl as he was attempting to conduct interviews with pro-union protestors in Michigan speaking out against “right-to-work” laws. Crowder got punched while trying to stop protestors from tearing down a tent. Crowder appeared on Sean Hannity’s show tonight, and explained that if he had lifted a finger to defend himself, the protestors might have “killed me where I stood.”

(HT: Yid with Lid)