Sudan Christians Suffering Ethnic Cleansing

| December 9 2012
Christopher Cook

Why do the left-wing and media (but I repeat myself) scream about ethnic cleansing where there is none (Israel) but remain silent on places where it is actually happening?


Oh please, tell me you are kidding.  Certainly there is ethnic cleansing in the Sudan, but to also say that there is none in Israel and by the Israelis in Palestine is a blatant misrepresentation of the truth.  I refer you to "Kairos Palestine," written by Palestinian Christians and documenting the ethnic cleansing of Christians being practiced by the Israelis in both Israel and Palestine.  This document was featured in a "60 Minutes" feature story last summer, despite Israeli pressure to prevent it from being shown.


Care to comment after reading this document, or do you still cling to the falsehood of your "lily-white" Israel?  It never ceases to amaze me how and why people such as you refuse to acknowledge the truth that Israel is an apartheid, terrorist state.  As Kairos documents, it's not just Muslim Arabs that Israel is cleansing, but they are targeting Christians as well, pretty much spitting in the face of the Christian America which foolishly gives Israel more than $8 million a day. 


I await you comments.