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How to Avoid Blame and Maintain the GOP Brand as the Low-Tax Party

Posted: December 6, 2012 at 8:15 am   /   by

How’s this for a simple GOP strategy to avoid blame for fiscal-cliff tax-rate increases and seize the public relations initiative from an overconfident president?

Pass two simple bills in the House.  Bill A extends current tax rates for those with incomes of $250,000 or less.  Bill B extends current tax rates for all the rest.  Keep both bills just that simple — include nothing else in either one.  Both will pass in the House thanks to the Republican majority.

As the bills are moving to the Senate, Speaker Boehner holds a press conference and begins with a short address to the American public to promote both bills.

First, Boehner points out that Bill A should pass the Senate promptly and be signed by the president.  Reid and Obama have promised as much. Second, the Speaker points out that Bill B will be likely be blocked in the Senate and/or on the president’s desk.  Reid and Obama have (virtually) promised to do that too.

Then make an impassioned appeal to Americans for Bill B with something like:

Now … there are 3 million of your fellow Americans who still face a huge tax increase on January 1.

Among these taxpayers are current and future employers of you, your children, your friends, and your neighbors.

Ask yourself:  will a tax increase on these employers make it more likely or less likely:

  • That they will be able to offer you a job if you are currently unemployed?
  • That they will be able to offer a job to your children about to enter the work force?
  • That they will be able to give you a bonus, raise, or promotion?
  • That they will be able to offer you continued or improved benefits?
  • That they will be able to buy new equipment and hire more employees?
  • That they will be able to find more customers that can buy their products or services?
  • That they will be able to compete with foreign companies?
  • That they will be able to avoid outsourcing your job?
  • That they will be able to keep you on the payroll during this long downturn?

If you agree with me that it’s in your family’s best interests that these employers get the same tax rate extension that you will get, then join with me in demanding that the President and Harry Reid support the bill I hold in my hands, and let’s get it done!

The GOP’s PR people, assuming they have some, could no doubt improve on this script where needed, but that’s the general idea.

So the recommendation to Speaker Boehner is:

  1. Stop begging the president to “get serious.”
  2. Pass these two simple bills in the House.
  3. Hold the press conference, and deliver your practiced pitch.
  4. Take 3 questions from the press, wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and walk away.

With this approach, the GOP:

  • Seizes the PR initiative from those who expect to blame tax-rate increases on Republicans
  • Maintains the “Republican Brand” as the party of low taxes
  • Puts the ball squarely in the Democrats’ court — until they act, they’re the bad guys

Readers, what do you think?  How much better could the GOP hope to do between now and the Christmas break?  Comments below will be welcomed!

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 44 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. garylyn says:

    +1 Great idea.  Sadly our elected representatives have managed once again to make this a political battle instead of doing what’s right for America.  This strategy is an extremely clever political ploy that puts the political ball back in the socialists court.  The battle cry of Tea Party Patriots will have to wait until the push to raise taxes and destroy the producers of America is stopped.  Maybe then we can get back to “Stop Spending, Stop Bailing, Stop Borrowing and Stand Up for the Constitution”.

    1. @garylyn It’s all part of one big fight for freedom!

    2. Econ101 says:

      Politically, it does look good, but it’s also good policy — this is no time to be raising anyone’s taxes.  
      Sadly, I’m beginning to believe the president really does want  to collapse the economy by piling on so much entitlement spending that the credit markets seize up, bonds can’t be cashed or rolled over, paychecks can’t be issued, store deliveries stop, shelves empty out, riots start up, martial law is declared, Obama ‘reluctantly’ assumes ‘temporary’ dictatorial powers, private firearms are confiscated in the name of ‘safety’, and elections are postponed until further notice.  Thorough it all Obama will blame banks, greedy capitalists, and George Bush.  This scenario feeds off the infamous “Cloward-Piven” strategy for bringing down a democracy … when I first read about it, I thought it was preposterous.  Now I’m not so sure.  Very scary.

      1. @Econ101  @garylyn When one looks at policies that are so obviously destructive and counterproductive, it’s hard for one’s mind not to go there.

      2. garylyn says:

        @Econ101 It’s an incredible situation that the “blame” for the double dip recession and the collapse of the economy will fall on the party that refuses to raise taxes during a recession.  What used to be common sense, even for a socialist, is now upside down.  Maybe the election was about common sense losing out to media pumped scare tactics, and not the theft of votes and rigged counting that seems so obvious?
        What i like most about David’s dual-tax bill proposal is that Obama actually proposed it first.  Obama asked that Repubicans vote first to keep the “98%’s” lower Bush tax rates, while raising taxes on the top 2%.  What Obama didn’t see was the possibility of Repubicans voting for the lower taxes and against higher taxes once the split was made.  Good idea, now make him own it, and he will own the collapse we all know is coming.
        Sadly there is nothing the Repubicans can do to stop the collapse because it’s already started.  ObamaCare and an out of control bureaucratic socialist monster are going to collapse the economy with or without the tax increases.
        AS much as i’m disgusted by the Cloward-Pivven  strategy fro bringing down a democracy, i’m convinced there is much more going on than the mere destruction of our economy.  It’s the Globalists who are in control of both political parties, and directing events towards the goal of bringing down our Constitutional Republic.  Economic disaster is just another step in the plan to end individual liberty and install a new world feudalism – merchantilism.  
        The Globalist control the world’s money.  The global merchantilist are on board.  World NGO’s are pumping out mid level managers and swinging door bureaucrats while pouring funds into local Agenda 21 / environmental support mechanisms.  Continuous war and welfare are racking up debt with no end in sight.  And the dollar is being debased at astonishing rates.  
        The estimates of how much money the Federal Reserve Bankster Cartel has distributed to globalist banks since the September 2008 financial collapse range from the $16.1 Trillion we know they doled out, to the more likely $39 Trillion amount discovered through a thourough reverse engineering of Global Bankster statements.
        Yes, the Cloward-Piven strategy of racking up massive and unsustainable debt while the nations of the world go through endless cycles of catastrophic events, is pushing us all towards the Globalist’s New World Feudalism. One question still remains however.  Will the American people give up their Constitution and end this great experiment in individual liberty?  Or will they stand and fight for their Constitution?
        Only 13 out of 100 Senators voted against the NDAA.  Only 13 stood by their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  The rest prefer tyranny to liberty.  
        We were in trouble long before this latest, most corrupt election.  The Globalist have been patient.  But now it looks like they are going for it all.

        1. Econ101 says:

          @garylyn Good notes, garylyn!
          You’re ahead of me on the Globalism theories, but I’m learning.  The first time I hear all these things they sound preposterous, but after enough of observations support the theory, I begin to take it more seriously and start making some of my linkages.
          I’d like Leeper’s suggested approach to be considered by Boehner, and I sent the link to his office, but I have no illusions that Boehner will see it, let alone adopt it.  He seems to be putting on the best show of bravado he can muster before (largely) caving in.  The next cave-in may be on the debt ceiling.
          Sigh.  I’m seriously thinking of dropping my Republican registration and joining another party — perhaps the Conservative, Constitution, or Libertarian party.  Do you have a recommendation?  I’ve got a lot of reading to do.
          I read an interesting post today that says the GOP is dying because the “Liberty Movement is thriving”, and that movement, in its several forms, is pulling Republicans right out of the GOP.  I guess I may be one of them.
          Boehner is ejecting strong, skilled, new conservatives like my Congressman, David Schweikert, from key committee posts.  I feel like he’s throwing me out as well.  So be it.  I think I’d rather climb into a lifeboat with like-minded people in another party than ride the sinking SS GOP to oblivion.
          There’s a small chance that conservative House people will deny Boehner another term as Speaker.   If so, I’ll hang on a while longer to see what they can do.   They’d probably need to take out Cantor and McCarthy as well.  

        2. garylyn says:

          @Econ101 Hi Econ101
          When the 2008 September 11th financial collapse took place, i immediately dove into researching what really happened.  That’s when i discovered the Globalist, and that unholy alliance between global Banksters and global corporations.  Awful stuff, but this is a plan that has been in place since the founding of this country.  The Constitution and Declaration of Independence are anathema to these European feudalist.
          Debt is the new indentured servitude.  And it’s not about money.  they won that battle in 1913 when the Federal Reserve private Bankster Cartel was established.  It’s owned by Eurpoean banksters and American robber barron families.  My research notes are in this Diigo “Banksters” collection.  A search for “Federal Reserve” narrows the items to just those dealing with the World Bankster Cartel. 
          I also traced back to a major shift in Banksterism that took place when the Banksters of Europe appealed to the King of England for help in defeating Napolean.  The result was Waterloo, and the King’s Bank of England becoming the central player in world banking.  Very interesting stuff.  In order to collect war debt, the greatest source of debt and interest known, Banksters perfected a two part strategy called “Balance of Power”.  Shades of Francois Mitternick and his modern day understudy – Henry Kissinger.
          One part of the strategy was to own and finance the manufacturing armaments and weapons.  the second was to always have an opponent to finance; a willing enemy.  No matter who wins the war, another enemy is ready in the balance.  This keeps the war machine going.  And, it guarantees collection of debt and interest.  Napolean refused to pay and the lesson was learned once again.
          Since the Banksters and their global merchantilists own the “money”, what we see today is all about consolidation of power.  The Cartel uses money and the influential relationships that come from cooperation with the Cartel, to easily influence, control and direct dolts like Boehner and the rest of the Democrat and Repubican establishment.  Money and Power is a very dangerous combination.  But it’s the highly beneficial and influential relationships that drive  the Globalist machine.
          The end game is that of getting rid of our Constitution; and with it all vestiges of the individual liberty that goes wit it.  We will all be indentured to this debt, fro one generation to the next.  Through Agenda 21, the Globalist seek to control all land – ending individual ownership of property.
          Religion, Family, Community and Nationality have long been driving forces behind what motivates individuals to fight and put their lives on the line for their country.  The Globalist seek to replace Christianity with Environmentalism, Capitalism with Socialism, and Nationality with regional Communitarianism.  Family and community values are being systematically destroyed right along with individual property rights.  The Constitution is the last firewall of individual freedom.
          Although i’m a small “L” libertarian, i advise everyone, myself included, to quit the two political party system by registering as an “independent”.
          My thinking is that if you register as a Constitutional, Libertarian Party or Tea Party Patriot, you’re off the grid.  Independents matter because they are the swing vote in elections.  And since they don’t declare a philosophical, political or economic bent, they are fair game.  Small as it seems, they have influence.
          The other thing i’m working on is the idea of Tea Party Patriots involved as local precinct captains and workers – registered as independents.
          One thing we’ve learned from the recent elections is that money and fund raising isn’t the answer.  It’s getting out the votes and counting the votes.  Precinct level work forces can do this.
          the same force can be used to fight Agenda 21.  But this movement has so much momentum and power at the local and Federal levels, they must be stopped at the State level.   (I’ve fought them face-to-face and they are overwhelming in terms of money and influence).
          The best way of stopping these Globalist at the local level is through State propositions, where citizens vote directly on the laws proposed.  For instance, Alabama recently beat back ALL the hundreds of local Agenda 21 efforts with a simple State wide proposition protecting the Constitutional and property rights of individuals.  They made Agenda 21 a violation of an individuals civil and Constitutional rights.  Very nice.
          And yes, paper ballots electonically scanned should be available on request.  Once word gets out that the voting machines are crooked and fixed, many citizens will opt for the paper ballot.
          Just some ideas we are working on in California, at the tip of the Globalist’s spear.
          Hope this helps.  And good look to you Econ101,

        3. Econ101 says:

          Thanks, garylyn!  These are good notes for everyone to read, and you’ve got me started reading in a new area … 
          Enjoy the holidays, and please keep up the fight!

        4. garylyn says:

          @Econ101 Hi Econ,  There are two points i neglected to mention that might factor into your considerations.  
          The first is that, prior to the 2008 Financial Collapse i was a hardcore Reagan Conservative.  Or should i say Goldwater-Reagan Conservative :)  I first met this great man in 1976, and became an active advocate, or what some today might call a “bundler”.  I owned and worked a very prominent restaurant in NH, where i was fortunate to have personally meet  and dined with most if not all of the political players from 1975 through 1992.  Awesome experience, but Ronald Reagan was so exceptional a man and so uniquely endowed with vision, courage and the honesty of committed action that i remained loyal to his ideals and clarity of vision until 2008.  
          Only during my research on the 2008 Financial Collapse did i come to realize that how important the Constitution and Declaration really are.  More important than any political philosophy.  Increasingly i found i was describing myself to conservatives, libertarians, and socialist grab bag of liberals, progressives, national socialists and international socialists as a “Reagan” Conservative.  Then it was as a “Constitutional Conservative”.  Never as a Repubican, and quite separate from a “social conservative” or “neocon”.
          That got old very fast.  Especially as my research was defining me as a libertarian.  The more i researched and read, the more i realized that the libertarians were the only political group actually addressing and confronting the truth behind the 2008 Financial Collapse, and the long history of last centuries growth of government.  
          Ron Paul has it right.   War, Welfare and Globalist Banksters and Corporatists are, year after year, in never ending increments, destroying this nation.  
          I also thought the Tea Party Patriots battle cry had the ring of a bottom line, “Least Common Denominator” approach that might succeed because of it’s reach across political battle lines:
          “Stop Spending, Stop Borrowing, Stop Bailing, Stand up for the Constitution and live by your oath”.
          I came to realize that i’m a libertarian, not by choice, but by the test of truth.
          The second point is this nation could change it’s fortunes overnight.  Congressional Records show that; “The US Congress has the option to buy back the FED at $450 millions” (per Congressional Records).
          When/if the Congress does this, it will own back the billions of US Government Bonds held by the FED. The US Government will actually PROFIT by buying back the FED! Also, the US government no longer has to pay interests to the FED owners on those bonds.
          Note also the President Lincoln issued over $122 Million in war bonds to finance the Civil War without having to pay any Banksters the interest on those bonds.  President Kennedy tried to do the same thing with Silver Certificates.  And guess what, President Reagan also considered by-passing the Federal Reserve with Constitutionally authorized notes.
          Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated.  Reagan was nearly assassinated, but survived.  With Executive Order 12608, Reagan effectively nullified the Kennedy Executive Order 11110 authorizing the Treasury to issue silver certificates.
          Hope this helps,

        5. Econ101 says:

          @garylyn  @Econ101 
          Thanks, ge … it looks more than ever that I’m only a year or so behind you.  I think I’ve implicitly become a Libertarian in all but the area of foreign policy.  In particular, the debasement of our currency looks to me like the issue that will soon swamp all others.  I had occasion to hear Joe Cobb (a self-proclaimed Libertarian) speak on this subject, and it opened up a whole new line of thinking for me.

How to Avoid Blame and Maintain the GOP Brand as the Low-Tax Party