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Obama 2011 vs. Obama today

Posted: December 5, 2012 at 9:45 am   /   by

New York Times, ABC News Expose President Obama Debunking His Own False Claims On Tax Reform

President Obama refuses to consider a balanced Republican proposal to avert the fiscal cliff by cutting spending and closing tax loopholes because, he says, “the math” doesn’t add up. But as ABC News and the New York Times have shown, the president previously supported this exact approach – and claimed it would raise even more than the $800 billion Republicans have proposed, without raising tax rates:



“‘Unfortunately, the Speaker’s proposal right now is still out of balance. You know, he talks, for example, about $800 billion worth of revenues, but he says he’s going to do that by lowering rates. And when you look at the math, it doesn’t work,’ Obama said.” (Reuters, 12/4/12)“‘It’s not me being stubborn. It’s not me being partisan. It’s just a matter of math,’ he added.” (ABC News, 12/4/12) “[W]hen Mr. Obama was engaged in ultimately unsuccessful negotiations with Mr. Boehner on a debt-reduction deal in the summer of 2011, he recounted his pitch to Republicans for reporters: ‘What we said was, give us $1.2 trillion in additional revenues, which could be accomplished without hiking taxes — tax rates — but could simply be accomplished by eliminating loopholes, eliminating some deductions and engaging in a tax reform process that could have lowered rates generally while broadening the base.’” (New York Times, 12/4/12)“Republicans have offered to raise taxes on higher incomes by $800 billion, not by raising tax rates but by eliminating some deductions and loopholes. During last year’s budget showdown the president said he wanted to do exactly that.” (ABC News, 12/4/12)

Read more about President Obama’s ever-shifting views on tax reform here.

As Speaker John Boehner said, Republicans have demonstrated “there is a middle ground solution that can cut spending and bring in revenue without hurting American small businesses.” It’s a solution President Obama himself once supported. If the math worked in 2011, why doesn’t it work today?


  1. Econ101 says:

    Good point.  I’m pleasantly surprised that ABC and the Times would even point this out.  But that will be the end of it.  Except for a few conservatives & libertarians, nobody cares enough to act, and what could they do anyway?  Duplicity is not a crime.  It should be a disqualifier for office, but the election is over (sigh). 
    Apathy is killing our republic.  One day at a time.  We’re watching it happen.  Obama has committed impeachable offenses spread all across his first four years — especially when compared to Watergate or Monicagate.  More are coming.  Can anyone see Speaker Boehner taking action?  I can picture him crying about it, but not taking any action.

    1. @Econ101 Much to the left’s displeasure, Ronald Reagan was teflon-coated. It appears (much to our displeasure) that Obama may be as well.

      1. Econ101 says:

        @WesternFreePress My memory differs from yours.  Remember the fuss about Nancy’s influence and her alleged consultation with astrologers? Remember the mockery of him as a pleasant simpleton and a doddering old fool? Remember his alleged dozing off in long meetings? Remember the satire?  That’s just offhand memory on my part.
        I recall the press attacking Reagan on a regular basis. What teflon? Maybe it’s only our fond memory of him that is teflon-coated?  Whatever teflon he did have is nothing — nothing — like what the press is doing for Obama.  Today’s press is openly collaborating with him, old-time Pravda-style.

        1. @Econ101 Yes, you are right to point out that major difference. The left was in full attack mode against Ronald Reagan. The left is in full defense mode of Obama. Obama’s teflon comes not from himself, but from the shield they have thrown around him. In spite of the left’s efforts to destroy Reagan, and those efforts were intense, he largely withstood the onslaught, and very little stuck to him. In his case, his teflon came from himself—his charm, his wit, and his unflappable allegiance to his own principles.

Obama 2011 vs. Obama today