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We make people’s lives better. Government is now making people’s lives worse.

Posted: December 3, 2012 at 4:55 am   /   by

Will you call me a sap if I say I got choked up while watching the video below? Fine. I’ll accept that. Free enterprise (or “capitalism,” as Karl Marx liked to call it) isn’t some evil thing where some people oppress other people. It is freedom. It is free people doing what they can to make their lives better. And in order to succeed at making their own lives better, they have to give people something that they want. They have to make other people’s lives better in the process. That isn’t bad. It’s good. It’s noble. It’s moral.

The bad thing is making it so hard for people to do this that it forces them out of business. To heap so many laws, regulations, and mandates upon them that they can no longer continue. To cause them to stop making their own lives—and other people’s lives—better. To drive them to the point where they themselves need government support . . . support that is provided through the labors of other people who are similarly burdened by government.

Which side are you on?

Video submitted by Joseph Farris that won second prize in AEI’s 2012 video contest “Make the Moral Case for Free Enterprise.” Please visit our gallery of featured videos: