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Things are going well. KEEP VOTING! (Update 13)

Posted: November 6, 2012 at 5:15 am   /   by

This is an open post we will use today to keep track of stories about Romney’s upcoming historic win.

Update 13

Data the Romney Campaign is Looking At


Update 12

If You Can Motivate Republicans in Uncompetitive States…

Astoria, New York HUGE Voter Turnout, Very Long Lines!


Update 11

BIG OHIO UPDATE: GOP Turnout Is Way Up… Dem Turnout Way Down


Update 10

Three Takeaways from the Final Polls

per David Limbaugh Twitter: pretty stunning OH numbers


Update 9

Crunching the Early Voting OH numbers (spoiler warning: BAD news for Obama).


Update 8

GOP Edging Out Democrats in Colorado Early Voting


Update 7

Report from One of Iowa’s Most Liberal Counties


Update 6

Howard Dean Already Making Excuses For Losing Ohio

Early Vote in Volusia Shifted 15 Points to the GOP From 2008


Update 5

Republican enthusiasm in blue state — Maryland

Republicans 5 Points ahead of 2008 in Pasco County, Florida


Update 4

Forecast: Mitt Romney Will Likely Win Ohio


Update 3

Portman: ‘We’re Going to Win in Ohio’


Update 2

Final Politico/GWU Battleground poll shows Romney up 15 with independents

Middle Cheese: GOP Counties Turned Out for Early Voting


Update 1

Romney up 92K in OH early voting?

Baselines for early voting in Ohio

Tuesday Morning . . .

Welcome, President Mitt Romney

Polls Don’t Reflect Romney’s Momentum in Ohio

2012: 1980 2.0