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McSally Closing in on Barber: Democratic favored AZ-2 district now “leans dem”

Posted: November 5, 2012 at 8:15 am   /   by

Real clear polictics ranking now has the AZ-2 Congressional race between Martha McSally and Ron Barber leaning dem vs. likely dem. This is an exciting hopeful trend that will keep moving towards the right resulting in a needed win for McSally and her constituents in southern Arizona.

It is all about who shows up at the polls on Tuesday.  The GOP momentum we are seeing all across this nation with crowds ranging as high as 30,000 people at a recent Romney/Ryan rally in battleground state Ohio will surely cross Arizona’s borders.  Our nation really can’t afford four more years of liberal policies we have endured by an Obama Administration that had full control of the house and senate for the first two years of Obama’s presidency.  The only sure way to turn the clock back on Obama’s failed policies and the left leaning liberal agenda is to not only defeat Obama, but for the GOP conservatives to win the majority in both the houseand the senate. 

Arizona needs the experience, consevative ideas, and leadership that Martha McSally will bring to Washington D.C.  McSally understands the real threat of radical Islamic extremism that exists south of our Arizona border with Mexico.  As Lisa Artgal illustrated in her recent WFP exclusive investigative piece on Sinema, “Part Two: Kyrsten Sinema Addresses SB1070, the Border and comments by Gabriela Saucedo Mercer with Muslim Community“, there is a real threat of “OTMs” (other than Mexicans) associated with terrorist sponsoring countries, who are crossing our border at alarming rates.

Before we can expect our representatives to find solutions to the problems we have with our unsecure border and national security, they need to understand what that problem is.  Martha McSally fought radical extremists overseas and understands our border issues to include the existence of terrorist organizations just south of our border, unlike her opponent Ron Barber and his liberal democrat friends Grijalva and Sinema who never speaks of OTMs when addressing national security concerns.