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Martha McSally in AZ CD2: More Proof of the Republicans’ Deep Bench

Posted: November 3, 2012 at 7:45 am   /   by

Arizona CD2 voters have a chance to elect a leader who has been proven in challenges so tough that (thankfully) few of us can even imagine them.

Martha McSally is running to represent her constitutents in the US House of Representatives.  She is our nation’s first female fighter pilot and the first to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history.  Her war story (a real one!) in the video below was told during the Republican primary.  It says a lot for her strength, determination, and courage.

McSally is no stranger to the challenge of politics either.  In 2001-2002, McSally earned national recognition when she went up against Republican Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to overturn military policy requiring US servicewomen to wear Muslim garb when off base in Saudi Arabia.  It was a long fight, but she won.

McSally will definitely not be a “yes-woman” for the old establishment big-government Republican party in the way so many Democrats in Congress continue to rubber-stamp the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.  She’s a true conservative who will be an ally and leader in the fight to move Washington back toward our Founders’ vision.

There was a time in 2010-2011 when I walked around feeling a kind of fatal despair for our country.  Sure, we had elected a few good conservative candidates to Congress, and they were holding back the tide against the race/gender/class-warfare crypto-neo-Marxists who still threaten to bankrupt our country and sell our children into debt bondage.  But those few conservatives haven’t been nearly enough.  What I didn’t realize was that where there were few, there could soon be so many.  The Republican party has a deep bench of solid conservatives, and they just keep on showing up.  Clearly, Martha McSally is one of them.

Godspeed, Colonel McSally!

(McSally’s fine website contains many articles and videos about her.  The one below is from the Republican primary when she was running for the nomination in the former AZ Congressional District 8, the seat once held by Gabby Giffords.)

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 45 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. RRowleyTucson says:

    One wonders why this person is running to represent our district.  Martha McSally wasn’t born, raised or schooled in Southern Arizona, has no family either living here or from here and not even her sham marriage was to a local person.  Other than her having been stationed to David Monthan Air Force Base for a VERY short time McSally has ZERO ties or history OR experience with either Southern Arizona, it’s people, its history or its culture.  Several months ago Martha McSally was supposed to do a town hall meeting in the town of Elfrida…she couldn’t find the town…had no idea where it was. Someone who knows this area WOULD have known but then again Martha isn’t from this area.  Again I ask WHY is she trying to get elected here???  The only thing I can figure is that she is what used to be refered to as a “carpetbagger”, a political climber who only wants to use the people of Southern Arizona for her hoped for career in politics.  The people of Southern Arizona deserve more than that and that is the reason I voted early, voted for a local and voted Ron Barber.

    1. dleeper47 says:

      If I believed that the purpose of the US Congress were to bring home benefits from a public federal treasury, I too would prefer a local resident.  He/she would know better how to parcel out the “largesse,” no?
      If I believed that the federal government were still too small to do all it needs to do for my local community, I would vote for a Democrat, local resident or not.
      If I believed that our fiscal problems were due to under-spending at the federal level, I would surely vote for a Democrat, local or not.
      And if I believed (wrongly) that our gargantuan debt could be eliminated if the rich would simply “pay a little more”, then I would absolutely vote for a Democrat, local or not.
      I don’t believe any of these things.  In fact I believe quite the opposite on all of them.  So I’d vote for a McSally to address federal problems at the federal level and look for a “local” to address problems at the local and state government level.
      But that’s just me … you (evidently) see it differently.  So be it.  That’s why we have elections.

      1. RRowleyTucson says:

        @dleeper47 That’s the way I and a vast number of others here who actually have the right to vote for or against her see it.  The local Republican Party isn’t even putting money behind her as evidenced by this mornings PCRP skywriter who spelled out several local GOP candidate names but NOT hers.
        Just wondering, are you even in the district?

      2. RRowleyTucson says:

        @dleeper47 That’s the way I and a vast number of others here who actually have the right to vote for or against her see it.  The local Republican Party isn’t even putting money behind her as evidenced by this mornings PCRP skywriter who spelled out several local GOP candidate names but NOT hers.
        Just wondering, are you even in the district?

        1. dleeper47 says:

          The irony is that McSally would have made a great JFK-era Democrat.  I was a Democrat back in the 1960’s, and I favored what JFK favored — a strong defense and economic stimulation via tax and regulatory reduction.  It worked.  
          I never (and I mean never) hear JFK being mentioned any more by the Democrats.  What happened?  He used to be a god among Democrats.  His likeness is on our half-dollar coin.  Why has his picture been turned to the wall?
          McSally was born 50 years too late to be a Democrat.  There’s no way she could run as a Democrat now.  The party has slid too far Left.
          McSally is not afraid to take on her own party, and she’s a tigress for equal rights, privileges, and responsibilities for women and all Americans.  Dynamite.  Eat your heart out, Democrats.  You should be able to field such candidates.  You can’t.  You’ve become the party of grievance, dependency, and race/gender/class warfare.  What a shameful decline of a once-great political party.
          Last time I looked, the Democrat CD2 candidate was still ahead, but it’s close.  And in a liberal/progressive district like CD2, for McSally to do that well (especially if you’re right about no GOP support) says a lot for her.  If she loses, and the Democrat candidate is cut from the same mold as Gabby Giffords, we could do a whole lot worse.  Giffords understood well the magnitude of the national debt problem.  That was rare among Washington’s Democrats.
          No, I’m not in AZ CD2, but I’m a fan of, and contributor to, a dozen or so outstanding Congressional candidates across the country.  The good ones work for all of us as well as their own constituents.

        2. RRowleyTucson says:

          @dleeper47 Ron Barber IS cut from the same cloth as Gabby.  He knows Arizona, is from the area and has done massive amounts of good for the citizens of this state, unlike McSally who can’t even find towns in the district she hopes to represent.  Like you I too contribute heavily to congressional candidates nationwide.
          I’m not sure what your source is for your statistics but Barber is 11 points up in the district and raising…he will be my next Representative from my district.

        3. dleeper47 says:

          @RRowleyTucson “Massive amounts of good for the citizens” sounds like he can be expected to deliver lots and lots of federal pork.  Is that what you mean?  
          I couldn’t find anything on Barber’s campaign site that shows he’s concerned about the horrendous debt we’ve piled up for our children, grandchildren, and beyond.  Maybe it’s there and I missed it.  I always thought Gabby was one Democrat who would sincerely pursue that.  That debt is my biggest worry.  It could make everything else moot.
          See for example:

          Still if he will work across the aisle (which his site does claim he’ll do), unlike the Pelosi-Reid automaton yes-men/women now in Congress, then there is real hope.
          Thanks for posting responses.  Good luck (to us all!).

        4. RRowleyTucson says:

          @dleeper47 No, I neither said nor infered anything about pork.  What I was speaking of is his support of veterans, his work here in Arizona in the medical care field and a lot more.  While I have no proof of it I get the impression you are a Republican as the ONLY thing you refer to is the economy and money, two of the many, many issues that most of America is concerned with.  Womans rights, the inclusion of minorities, Medicare, health care, students and gay rights are VERY important to about 50% of the country and are things they will be baseing their vote on.
          Something you need to remember is that within days of our President being sworn in in 2008 the House Republicans came out ON VIDEO saying that their main goal for the next 4 years was to stop Obama any way they could.  How Republicans can say ANYTHING about working across the aisle when their party leadership pulls stunts such as this is beyond me.  As to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, you best get used to them, they’ll be easily staying in their offices.

        5. pamphleteer92 says:

          @RRowleyTucson  @dleeper47 
          So Mr. Rowley, how do you feel about Harry Reid pre-announcing this past week that he would not cooperate with Mitt Romney if Romney is elected?  Is that somehow “ok” since a Democrat is saying it?
          If Romney is elected, won’t it be a Democrat goal to make sure he only serves one term?  Isn’t it always a goal in both parties to win the next election?  
          If Reid goes on to announce “I want Romney to fail,” will you call him out on that?  Or would that just be Obama “revenge?”

Martha McSally in AZ CD2: More Proof of the Republicans' Deep Bench