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US Flag Officer (Ret) Support for Next President — Score: Romney 387, Obama 6

Posted: October 31, 2012 at 11:45 am   /   by

Active-duty US military must remain apolitical.  They can vote, of course, but must otherwise remain silent regarding support for any political candidate over another.

It’s different for retired military.  They are free to voice their preferences.  Here is the tally of senior military officers who have voiced support for Barack Obama (6) versus support for Mitt Romney (387).

Gee, I wonder which candidate would be the better Commander in Chief (?).  I wonder what Obama’s 6 endorsers see in him that Romney’s 387 missed (?).

Barack Obama

1 General Wesley Clark USA (Ret.)
2 Major General Paul Eaton USA (Ret.)
3 Rear Admiral Donald J. Guter USN (Ret.)
4 Cmdr Michael D. Lumpkin USN (Ret.)
5 Admiral John B. Nathman USN (Ret.)
6 General Colin Powell USA (Ret.)


Mitt Romney

1 Brigadier General Arthur Abercrombie USA (Ret.)
2 Lieutenant General James Abrahamson USAF (Ret.)
3 Major General Chris Adams USAF (Ret.)
5 Brigadier General John R. Allen USAF (Ret.)
4 Lieutenant General Teddy G. Allen USA (Ret.)
6 Rear Admiral Henry Amos USN (Ret.)
7 Lieutenant General Marcus A. Anderson USAF (Ret.)
8 Lieutenant General Edgar Anderson Jr. USAF (Ret.)
9 Major General Nora Alice Astafan USAF (Ret.)
10 Brigadier General Loring R. Astorino USAF (Ret.)
11 Brigadier General Richard Averitt USA (Ret.)
12 Brigadier General Garry S. Bahling USANG (Ret.)
13 Major General Almon Bowen Ballard USAF (Ret.)
14 Major General James F. Barnette USAF (Ret.)
15 Brigadier General Donald E. Barnhart USAF (Ret.)
16 Major General Robert W. Barrow USAF (Ret.)
17 Rear Admiral John R. Batlzer USN (Ret.)
18 Rear Admiral Jon W. Bayless USN (Ret.)
19 Lieutenant General Buck Bedard USMC (Ret.)
20 Vice Admiral A. Bruce Beran USCG (Ret.)
21 Major General John E. Bianchi USA (Ret.)
22 Major General David F. Bice USMC (Ret.)
23 Vice Admiral Lyle Bien USN (Ret.)
24 Rear Admiral Linda J. Bird USN (Ret.)
25 Brigadier General Charles L. Bishop USAF (Ret.)
26 Rear Admiral James H. Black USN (Ret.)
27 Lieutenant General Harold Blot USMC (Ret.)
28 Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum USA (Ret.)
29 Rear Admiral Peter A. Bondi USN (Ret.)
30 Major General John L. Borling USAF (Ret.)
31 Vice Admiral Mike Bowman III USN (Ret.)
32 Major General Tom Braaten USMC (Ret.)
33 Major General Patrick H. Brady USA (Ret.)
34 Major General Robert J. Brandt USA (Ret.)
35 Rear Admiral Jerry C. Breast USN (Ret.)
36 Rear Admiral Bruce B. Bremner USN (Ret.)
37 Brigadier General Clayton Bridges USAF (Ret.)
38 Brigadier General Jeremiah J. Brophy USA (Ret.)
39 Rear Admiral Thomas F. Brown III USN (Ret.)
40 Brigadier General R. Thomas Browning USAF (Ret.)
41 Brigadier General David A. Brubaker USAF (Ret.)
42 Vice Admiral Mike Bucchi USN (Ret.)
43 Lieutenant General Walter E. Buchanan III USAF (Ret.)
44 Major General David P. Burford USA (Ret.)
45 Lieutenant General Richard A. Burpee USAF (Ret.)
46 Admiral James B. Busey USN (Ret.)
47 Rear Admiral John F. Calvert USN (Ret.)
48 Lieutenant General William Campbell USAF (Ret.)
49 Rear Admiral Jay A. Campbell USN (Ret.)
50 Major General Henry Canterbury USAF (Ret.)
51 Rear Admiral James J. Carey USN (Ret.)
52 Brigadier General Chalmers R. Carr USAF (Ret.)
53 Rear Admiral Nevin Carr USN (Ret.)
54 Brigadier General Fred F. Castle USAFR (Ret.)
55 Rear Admiral Stephen K. Chadwick USN (Ret.)
56 Lieutenant General James E. Chambers USAF (Ret.)
57 Rear Admiral W. Lewis Chatham USN (Ret.)
58 Brigadier General Robert V. Clements USAF (Ret.)
59 Vice Admiral Edward W. Clexton Jr. USN (Ret.)
60 Brigadier General Christopher T Cline USAR (Ret.)
61 Major General Jeffrey G. Cliver USAF (Ret.)
62 Rear Admiral Casey Coane USN (Ret.)
63 Brigadier General George Peyton Cole Jr. USAF (Ret.)
64 Rear Admiral Isaiah C. Cole USN (Ret.)
65 Brigadier General Richard A. Coleman USAF (Ret.)
66 Lieutenant General John B. Conaway USAF (Ret.)
67 Major General Stephen Condon USAF (Ret.)
68 General James T. Conway USMC (Ret.)
69 Major General Richard C. Cosgrave USANG (Ret.)
70 Lieutenant General Marvin Covault USA (Ret.)
71 Rear Admiral Robert Cowley USN (Ret.)
72 Major General J.T. Coyne USMC (Ret.)
73 Rear Admiral Robert C. Crates USN (Ret.)
74 Major General Tommy F. Crawford USAF (Ret.)
75 Vice Admiral Terry M. Cross USCG (Ret.)
76 Brigadier General Mike Cushman USAF (Ret.)
77 General Terrence R. Dake USMC (Ret.)
78 Major General Gerald A. Daniel USAF (Ret.)
79 Rear Admiral James P. Davidson USN (Ret.)
80 Brigadier General Peter Dawkins USA (Ret.)
81 Brigadier General Sam. G. DeGeneres USAF (Ret.)
82 Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney USN (Ret.)
83 Major General James D. Delk USA (Ret.)
84 Brigadier General George Demers USAF (Ret.)
85 Major General Robert E. Dempsey USAF (Ret.)
86 Rear Admiral Jay Ronald Denney USNR (Ret.)
87 Brigadier General Howard G. DeWolf USAF (Ret.)
88 Major General Robert S. Dickman USAF (Ret.)
89 Brigadier General Arthur F. Diehl USAF (Ret.)
90 Rear Admiral James C. Doebler USN (Ret.)
91 Major General Douglas O. Dollar USA (Ret.)
92 Vice Admiral William Adam Dougherty USN (Ret.)
93 Major General Hunt Downer USA (Ret.)
94 Lieutenant General Brett Dula USAF (Ret.)
95 Major General Thomas A. Dyches USAF (Ret.)
96 Vice Admiral William Earner USN (Ret.)
97 Brigadier General David Bob Edmonds USAF (Ret.)
98 Major General Jay T. Edwards USAF (Ret.)
99 Admiral James O. Ellis USN (Ret.)
100 Lieutenant General John S. Fairfield USAF (Ret.)
102 Brigadier General Anthony Farrington USAF (Ret.)
101 Major General John R. Farrington USAF (Ret.)
103 Rear Admiral Francis L. Filipiak USN (Ret.)
104 Admiral Mark Fitzgerald USM (Ret.)
105 Rear Admiral James H. Flatley III USN (Ret.)
106 Major General Charles Fletcher USA (Ret.)
107 Major General Bobby O. Floyd USAF (Ret.)
108 General Ronald R. Fogleman USAF (Ret.)
109 Admiral S. Robert Foley USN (Ret.)
110 Lieutenant General Gordon E. Fornell USAF (Ret.)
111 General Tommy Franks USA (Ret.)
112 Rear Admiral Veronica Froman USN (Ret.)
113 Vice Admiral David Frost USN (Ret.)
114 Rear Admiral Vance H. Fry USN (Ret.)
115 Rear Admiral R. Byron Fuller USN (Ret.)
116 Rear Admiral George M. Furlong USN (Ret.)
117 Brigadier General Norm Gaddis USAF (Ret.)
118 Rear Admiral Frank Gallo USN (Ret.)
119 Rear Admiral Ben F. Gaumer USN (Ret.)
120 Rear Admiral Harry E. Gerhard Jr. USN (Ret.)
121 Major General Daniel J. Gibson USAF (Ret.)
122 Brigadier General E.J. Giering III USA (Ret.)
123 Vice Admiral Henry C. Giffin III USN (Ret.)
124 Rear Admiral Andrew A. Giordano USN (Ret.)
125 Major General Richard N. Goddard USAF (Ret.)
126 Rear Admiral Fred Golove USCGR (Ret.)
127 Rear Admiral Harold Eric Grant USN (Ret.)
128 Major General Jeff Grime USAF (Ret.)
129 Major General Robert Kent Guest USA (Ret.)
130 Major General Tim Haake USAR (Ret.)
131 Major General Otto K. Habedank USAF (Ret.)
132 Rear Admiral Thomas F. Hall USN (Ret.)
133 General Alfred Hansen USAF (Ret.)
134 Brigadier General Robert H. Harkins USAF (Ret.)
135 Rear Admiral Donald P. Harvey USN (Ret.)
136 Admiral Ronald Jackson Hays USN (Ret.)
137 Admiral Thomas Bibb Hayward USN (Ret.)
138 Major General Leonard W. Hegland USAF (Ret.)
140 Rear Admiral John Hekman USN (Ret.)
139 Vice Admiral Peter M. Hekman USN (Ret.)
141 Major General John A. Hemphill USA (Ret.)
142 Rear Admiral Larry Hereth USCG (Ret.)
143 Vice Admiral Richard D. Herr USCG (Ret.)
144 Major General Wilfred Hessert USAF (Ret.)
145 Lieutenant General Thomas J Hickey USAF (Ret.)
146 Rear Admiral Don Hickman USN (Ret.)
147 Major General Geoffrey Higginbotham USMC (Ret.)
148 Lieutenant General Walter S. Hogle Jr. USAF (Ret.)
149 Rear Admiral Grant Hollett USN (Ret.)
150 Major General Jerry D. Holmes USAF (Ret.)
151 Major General Weldon F. Honeycutt USA (Ret.)
152 Brigadier General Thomas W. Honeywill USAF (Ret.)
153 Brigadier General Stanley V. Hood USAF (Ret.)
154 General Chuck Albert Horner USAF (Ret.)
155 Brigadier General James J. Hourin USAF (Ret.)
156 Brigadier General Jack C. Ihle USAF (Ret.)
157 Brigadier General Earl Van Inwegen USAF (Ret.)
158 Rear Admiral Steve Israel USN (Ret.)
159 Lieutenant General Ronald W. Iverson USAF (Ret.)
160 Major General James T. Jackson USA (Ret.)
161 Rear Admiral John S. Jenkins USN (Ret.)
162 Rear Admiral Tim Jenkins USN (Ret.)
163 Rear Admiral Ron Jesberg USN (Ret.)
164 Brigadier General Thomas G. Jeter USAF (Ret.)
165 Brigadier General William Herbert Johnson USAF (Ret.)
166 Rear Admiral Pierce J. Johnson USN (Ret.)
167 Admiral Jerome LaMarr Johnson USN (Ret.)
168 Lieutenant General Donald W. Jones USA (Ret.)
169 Rear Admiral Steven B. Kantrowitz USN (Ret.)
170 Vice Admiral Douglas J. Katz USN (Ret.)
171 Rear Admiral John T. Kavanaugh USN (Ret.)
172 Admiral Timothy J. Keating USN (Ret.)
173 Major General George W. Keefe USANG (Ret.)
174 Rear Admiral Stephen T. Keith USN (Ret.)
175 Brigadier General Kenneth F. Keller USAF (Ret.)
176 Lieutenant General Jay W. Kelley USAF (Ret.)
177 General Paul X. Kelley USMC (Ret.)
178 Major General Dennis M. Kenneally USA (Ret.)
179 Major General Michael Kerby USAF (Ret.)
180 General William Kernan USA (Ret.)
181 Vice Admiral Tom Kilcline USN (Ret.)
182 Lieutenant General Timothy A. Kinnan USAF (Ret.)
183 Admiral George E.R. Kinnear USN (Ret.)
184 General William L. Kirk USAF (Ret.)
185 Vice Admiral Harold Koenig M.D. USN (Ret.)
186 Vice Admiral Albert H. Konetzni USN (Ret.)
187 Rear Admiral David Kunkel USCG (Ret.)
189 Brigadier General Wayne W. Lambert USAF (Ret.)
188 Major General Geoffrey C. Lambert USA (Ret.)
190 Rear Admiral Arthur Langston USN (Ret.)
191 Lieutenant General Buford Derald Lary USAF (Ret.)
192 Brigadier General Jerry L. Laws USA (Ret.)
193 Brigadier General Thomas J. Lennon USAF (Ret.)
194 Lieutenant General Frank Libutti USMC (Ret.)
195 Rear Admiral Thomas G. Lilly USN (Ret.)
196 General James J. Lindsay USA (Ret.)
197 Major General James E. Livingston USMC (Ret.)
198 Vice Admiral Stephen Loftus USN (Ret.)
199 Major General Al Logan USAF (Ret.)
200 Major General John D. Logeman Jr. USAF (Ret.)
201 Rear Admiral Noah H. Long Jr USNR (Ret.)
202 General William R. Looney USAF (Ret.)
203 Rear Admiral Don Loren USN (Ret.)
204 Brigadier General John M. Lotz USAF (Ret.)
205 Major General Andy Love USAF (Ret.)
206 Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch USN (Ret.)
207 Rear Admiral Steven Wells Maas USN (Ret.)
208 General Robert Magnus USMC (Ret.)
209 Vice Admiral Michael Malone USN (Ret.)
210 Brigadier General Robert S. Mangum USA (Ret.)
211 Major General Robert M. Marquette USAF (Ret.)
212 Rear Admiral Larry Marsh USN (Ret.)
214 Brigadier General Frank Martin USAF (Ret.)
213 Major General Clark W. Martin USAF (Ret.)
215 Vice Admiral Edward H. Martin USN (Ret.)
216 Major General William M. Matz USN (Ret.)
217 Rear Admiral Gerard Mauer USN (Ret.)
218 Admiral Hank Mauz USN (Ret.)
219 Vice Admiral John J. Mazach USN (Ret.)
220 Vice Admiral Justin D. McCarthy USN (Ret.)
221 Vice Admiral William McCauley USN (Ret.)
222 Major General James C. McCombs USAF (Ret.)
223 Lieutenant General Fred McCorkle USMC (Ret.)
224 Rear Admiral William J. McDaniel MD USN (Ret.)
225 Rear Admiral E.S. McGinley USN (Ret.)
226 Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney USAF (Ret.)
227 Rear Admiral Henry C. McKinney USN (Ret.)
228 Brigadier General Joe Mensching USAF (Ret.)
229 Major General Robert Messerli USAF (Ret.)
230 Major General Douglas S. Metcalf USAF (Ret.)
231 Brigadier General Richard L. Meyer USAF (Ret.)
232 Rear Admiral James E. Miller USN (Ret.)
233 Rear Admiral John W. Miller USN (Ret.)
234 Admiral Paul David Miller USN (Ret.)
235 Brigadier General Lawrence A. Mitchell USAF (Ret.)
236 Vice Admiral Joseph S. Mobley USN (Ret.)
237 Rear Admiral Patrick David Moneymaker USN (Ret.)
238 Major General Mario Montero USA (Ret.)
239 Major General Walter Bruce Moore USA (Ret.)
240 Major General William Moore USA (Ret.)
241 Major General Burton R. Moore USAF (Ret.)
242 Rear Admiral Douglas M. Moore USN (Ret.)
243 Rear Admiral James A. Morgart USN (Ret.)
244 Brigadier General Michael P. Mulqueen USMC (Ret.)
245 Major General Stanton R. Musser USAF (Ret.)
246 Lieutenant General Carol Mutter USMC (Ret.)
247 Rear Admiral John T. Natter USN (Ret.)
248 Brigadier General Michael Neil USMCR (Ret.)
249 Brigadier General Ben Nelson USAF (Ret.)
250 Rear Admiral Edward Nelson Jr. USCG (Ret.)
251 Major General Robert A. Nester USAF (Ret.)
252 Brigadier General Jack W. Nicholson USA (Ret.)
253 Major General George W. Norwood USAF (Ret.)
254 Major General Raymund E. O’Mara USAF (Ret.)
255 General Robert C. Oaks USAF (Ret.)
256 Rear Admiral Robert C. Olsen USN (Ret.)
257 Rear Admiral James D. Olson USN (Ret.)
259 Brigadier General Maria C. Owens USAF (Ret.)
258 Lieutenant General Ira Owens USA (Ret.)
260 Rear Admiral Robert S. Owens USN (Ret.)
261 Rear Admiral John F. Paddock USN (Ret.)
262 Lieutenant General Dave R. Palmer USA (Ret.)
263 Brigadier General Dave Papak USMC (Ret.)
264 Brigadier General John G. Pappas USA (Ret.)
265 Brigadier General Gary A. Pappas USANG (Ret.)
266 Major General Robert W. Paret USAF (Ret.)
267 Vice Admiral John Ted Parker USN (Ret.)
268 Lieutenant General Garry L. Parks USMC (Ret.)
269 Brigadier General Robert V. Paschon USAF (Ret.)
270 Rear Admiral Robert O. Passmore USN (Ret.)
271 Major General Earl G. Peck USAF (Ret.)
272 Major General Richard E. Perraut Jr. USAF (Ret.)
273 Major General Gerald F. Perryman USAF (Ret.)
274 Rear Admiral W.W. Pickavance USN (Ret.)
275 Lieutenant General Charles Henry Chuck Pitman USMC (Ret.)
276 Lieutenant General Steven R. Polk USAF (Ret.)
277 Rear Admiral John J. Prendergast USN (Ret.)
278 Rear Admiral Fenton F. Priest USN (Ret.)
279 Brigadier General Allen K. Rachel USAF (Ret.)
280 Major General David C. Ralston USA (Ret.)
281 Vice Admiral William E. Ramsey USN (Ret.)
282 Major General Bentley B. Rayburn USAF (Ret.)
283 Lieutenant General Joseph J. Redden USAF (Ret.)
284 Lieutenant General Clifford H. Ted Rees Jr. USAF (Ret.)
285 Brigadier General Jon Reynolds USAF (Ret.)
286 Rear Admiral Harold Rich USN (Ret.)
287 Rear Admiral Roland Rieve USN (Ret.)
288 Rear Admiral Tommy F. Rinard USN (Ret.)
289 Brigadier General Edward F. Rodriguez Jr. USAFR (Ret.)
290 Major General Richard H. Roellig USAF (Ret.)
291 Rear Admiral Michael S. Roesner USN (Ret.)
292 Major General Davis Rohr USAF (Ret.)
293 Lieutenant General Edward Rowny USA (Ret.)
294 Brigadier General Harold W. Rudolph USAF (Ret.)
295 Rear Admiral William J. Ryan USN (Ret.)
296 Brigadier General Roger Scearce USA (Ret.)
297 Major General Loran C. Schnaidt USAF (Ret.)
298 Major General Carl Schneider USAF (Ret.)
299 Major General John P. Schoeppner Jr. USAF (Ret.)
300 Major General Edison E. Scholes USAF (Ret.)
301 Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad USAFR (Ret.)
302 Vice Admiral Dutch Schultz USN (Ret.)
303 Rear Admiral William S. Schwob USCG (Ret.)
304 Major General David J. Scott USAF (Ret.)
305 Rear Admiral Hugh P. Scott USN (Ret.)
306 Lieutenant General Charles J. Searock Jr. USAF (Ret.)
307 Major General Richard Secord USAF (Ret.)
308 Brigadier General John Serur USAF (Ret.)
309 Brigadier General Joseph L. Shaefer USAF (Ret.)
310 Rear Admiral William H. Shawcross USN (Ret.)
311 General Henry Hugh Shelton USA (Ret.)
312 Brigadier General Graham Shirley USAF (Ret.)
313 Lieutenant General E.G. Buck Shuler USAF (Ret.)
314 Brigadier General Raymond Shulstad USAF (Ret.)
315 Rear Admiral Robert H. Shumaker USN (Ret.)
316 Major General Joseph K. Simeone USAF & ANG (Ret.)
317 Major General Darwin Simpson USANG (Ret.)
318 Rear Admiral Greg Slavonic USN (Ret.)
319 Lieutenant General Alexander M. Rusty Sloan USAF (Ret.)
320 Rear Admiral David Oliver D.O. Smart USNR (Ret.)
321 Brigadier General Donald Smith USA (Ret.)
325 Brigadier General Ralph S. Smith USAF (Ret.)
327 Brigadier General Stan Smith USAF (Ret.)
322 Major General David R. Smith USAF (Ret.)
323 Major General Richard D. Smith USAF (Ret.)
324 Major General Donald Bruce Smith USAF (Ret.)
328 Admiral Leighton Smith Jr. USN (Ret.)
326 General Lance Smith USAF (Ret.)
329 Brigadier General David M. Snyder USAF (Ret.)
330 Rear Admiral Paul O. Soderberg USN (Ret.)
331 Major General Stan Spears USANG (Ret.)
332 Rear Admiral Robert H. Bob Spiro USN (Ret.)
333 Major General Henry B. Stelling Jr. USAF (Ret.)
334 Rear Admiral Daniel H. Stone USN (Ret.)
335 Vice Admiral Edward M. Straw USN (Ret.)
336 Brigadier General Joseph Stringham USA (Ret.)
337 Major General Ansel M. Stroud Jr. USA (Ret.)
338 Major William A. Studer USAF (Ret.)
339 Rear Admiral Hamlin Tallent USN (Ret.)
340 Brigadier General Hugh Banks Tant USA (Ret.)
341 Brigadier General Michael Joseph Tashjian USAF (Ret.)
342 Major General J.B. Taylor USA (Ret.)
343 Major General Larry S. Taylor USMC (Ret.)
344 Lieutenant General David J. Teal USAF (Ret.)
345 Major General Thomas R. Tempel USA (Ret.)
346 Major General Richard L. Testa USAF (Ret.)
347 Lieutenant General Billy M. Thomas USA (Ret.)
350 Rear Admiral Jere Thompson USN (Ret.)
348 Vice Admiral Donald C. Deese Thompson USCG (Ret.)
349 Vice Admiral Alan S. Thompson USN (Ret.)
351 Lieutenant General Herman O. Tommy Thomson USAF (Ret.)
352 Vice Admiral Howard B. Thorsen USCG (Ret.)
353 Lieutenant General William Thurman USAF (Ret.)
354 Lieutenant General Robert Allen R.A. Tiebout USMC (Ret.)
355 Rear Admiral Byron E. Tobin USN (Ret.)
356 Vice Admiral John B. Totushek USNR (Ret.)
357 Lieutenant General George J. Trautman USMC (Ret.)
358 Lieutenant General Garry R. Trexler USAF (Ret.)
359 Rear Admiral Roger W. Triftshauser USNR (Ret.)
360 Vice Admiral Jerry O. Tuttle USN (Ret.)
361 Major General Larry Twitchell USAF (Ret.)
362 Brigadier General Richard Louis Ursone USA (Ret.)
363 Major General Russell L. Violett USAF (Ret.)
364 Major General John G. Waggener USA (Ret.)
365 Rear Admiral Edward K. Walker Jr. USN (Ret.)
366 Major General David E.B. Deb Ward USAF (Ret.)
367 Lieutenant General Claudius Bud Watts USAF (Ret.)
368 Major General Charles J. Wax USAF (Ret.)
369 Rear Admiral Donald Weatherson USN (Ret.)
370 Major General John Welde USAF (Ret.)
371 Lieutenant General William Bill Welser USAF (Ret.)
372 Major General Gary Whipple USA (Ret.)
373 Rear Admiral James B. Whittaker USN (Ret.)
374 Rear Admiral Charles Williams USN (Ret.)
375 Rear Admiral H. Denny Wisely USN (Ret.)
376 Rear Admiral Theodore J. Wojnar USCG (Ret.)
377 Lieutenant General Thad A. Wolfe USAF (Ret.)
378 Lieutenant General C. Norman Wood USAF (Ret.)
379 Brigadier General Robert V. Woods USAF (Ret.)
380 Brigadier General Terrence P. Woods USAF (Ret.)
381 Lieutenant General Michael W. Wooley USAF (Ret.)
382 Rear Admiral George R. Worthington USN (Ret.)
383 General Ronald W. Yates USAF (Ret.)
384 Brigadier General Mitchell Zais USA (Ret.)
385 Brigadier General Allan Ralph Zenowitz USA (Ret.)
386 Lieutenant General Richard Rick Zilmer USMC (Ret.)
387 Admiral Ronald J. Zlatoper USN (Ret.)
David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 44 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


US Flag Officer (Ret) Support for Next President -- Score: Romney 387, Obama 6