Romney-Ryan Campaign: Superb “Momentum” Video and Image

| October 27 2012
David Leeper

The image and video in this post are among the best the Romney-Ryan campaign has produced to date.

The image of the huge flag proclaims the grandness of the Founders’ principles and the American spirit.  And by the relative size of his own image, the picture conveys the humility of our candidate, Mitt Romney.

Conservatives know that those we vote for are simply temporary stewards of America’s founding principles, and those principles are far larger than any candidate.

Progressives, on the other hand, tend to invest their faith in a person like Barack Obama.  To this date, I don’t know what their “founding principles” are, if indeed they have any, unless perhaps they come from Karl Marx’s from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.  I wrote about these themes last year in “The Left’s Tragedy of Misplaced Confidence”, and “A Progressive Declaration of Self-Evident Truths”.

The 3-minute video below, titled “Momentum” is positively Reaganesque.  Watching it, my wife had tears in her eyes.

I confess that at first, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about Mitt Romney’s candidacy, but he’s looking more and more like the real deal.  That’s especially true when I compare his gracious humility to the obnoxious hubris of Barack Obama.

I suspect that the content of Mitt Romney’s character (to use MLK’s phrasing) derives from his faith, which appears to have given him both a positive moral code and a work ethic by which to live.  That’s what a morally positive religion can do for people.

Of course many (most?) on the Left now have little regard for religion, preferring instead to follow some sort of vague, random, self-derived, internal moral compass, or one of their “great leaders,” or one of their favorite celebrities.  If those folks get a chance to watch Mitt Romney in office, and if they compare his America to Obama’s, might they have some second thoughts?

Profoundly, the poet Robert Frost once defined freedom as “comfort in the harness”.  Might the positive moral codes and work ethics offered by the great Judeo-Christian religions actually serve mankind better than the do-your-own-thing moral relativism, multi-culturalism, and non-judgmentalism worshipped by the Left?  In the next four years, maybe some on the Left will have reason to pause and reconsider.  But I won’t hold my breath.


I couldn't agree with sleepergirl more.  I watched this video yesterday, and I just finished watching it again  a few moments ago.  It is a feel good moment and the momentum is exactly what is needed not only by us viewers, but by the whole country.  It gives one the  knowledge that we are exceptional and we should believe that, we must believe that, and the proof is in the emotions as it rises in me and I am in sure in all of us.

Nice job David, my compliments!


Whenever you need I boost, I recommend you watch this video.  This video depicts American exceptionalism.  As soon as R&R are elected, we will begin to take back our country and restore the international strength and respect that Barack Hussein Obama has frittered away.