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Kirkpatrick once again hides from voters, ducks Paton

Posted: October 24, 2012 at 2:20 pm   /   by

Ann Kirkpatrick continues her long tradition of ducking voters, as this press release from the Paton camp attests:

Jonathan Paton appeared on Fox 10’s Newsmaker Sunday program with respected newsman John Hook yesterday to talk about the race for Arizona’s First District and the issues that are important to the voters, such as job creation. Hook is widely respected in Arizona and nationally, having been invited to interview President Obama.

Jonathan hoped to get the chance to appear with Ann Kirkpatrick. She refused. As John Hook explains in the opening, Kirkpatrick refused to even be interviewed separately. She wouldn’t do an interview via Skype or Phone. She’s also turned down requests from other television stations, as many of you know.

To watch the entire interview here:

Here is what Jonathan Paton had to say about Kirkpatrick’s continued refusal to talk to the voters on camera:

“One of the basic roles of a member of Congress is to actually communicate with real live people. I can’t imagine why Ann Kirkpatrick refuses to be interviewed on camera, except that she knows her plan to continue supporting Obamacare and trillion dollar deficits isn’t what the voters want. No wonder she doesn’t want to talk about her plans on camera.” — Jonathan Paton


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  1. PBX says:

    Why is he hiding? What is it that’s he’s hiding from?