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Democratic Poll Has Kirkpatrick Losing by Three Points

Posted: October 20, 2012 at 3:05 pm   /   by

ICYMI . . . 

From Paton for Congress:

If you missed Sunday Square Off yesterday, you missed a big golden nugget of information about the race in Arizona’s First District.

Chris Herstam, 12 News Political Insider, revealed on Sunday Square Off that he has seen a Democrat-commissioned poll showing that Ann Kirkpatrick is three points down, which corresponds to the NRCC poll showing Kirkpatrick five points down. He went on to postulate that the momentum is clearly in Jonathan Paton’s favor, and with early voting started, he is likely to win this seat.

Here is what Herstam had to say in full:

“Last week I saw three different polls in congressional races.  Two of them up in CD 1 – a Democratic poll that had Kirkpatrick losing by three points and a Republican poll that had Kirkpatrick losing by five points.  The momentum has clearly shifted.  I thought this was Kirkpatrick’s seat and that she would regain it but the momentum is clearly with Jonathan Paton and it sure looks like, with early voting starting now, that he’s going to win.”