Romney and Obama Offer Humorous Jibes at the Al Smith Dinner

| October 18 2012
David Leeper

At the October 18 Al Smith dinner, Governor Romney and President Obama traded zingers with one another in a welcome break from the tension of the presidential campaign.

Both men were great, with lots of self-deprecating humor as well as jabs at the other side. Romney seemed to be enjoying himself a bit more, and his lines were a bit funnier, but the laughs were great on both sides.

If either candidate benefitted, it is probably Governor Romney, since the warmth and humor he shows at this dinner belies the cold image that his opponent’s campaign has tried to paint. But the President’s self-deprecation in this video also belies the image of arrogance he has picked up over the past four years.



His arrogance over the past 4 years is impossible to measure, as the hoax he has portrayed the same, the key is how fast we will recover, and I have that old American feeling, it will be a lot faster than anyone can imagine, the market will go sky high 11/7

WesternFreePress moderator

 @NeilFeuer I recently saw an article suggesting that Romney will be the most recent in a short list of truly pro-growth presidents: McKinley, Coolidge, Reagan, Romney.