Obama vs Romney Debate 2 — Michael Jones Asks the Right Question

| October 17 2012
David Leeper

The October 16 second debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is only hours old, and many pundits are busy scoring it as if it were a boxing match.  Who landed the most blows?  Who was caught flat-footed?  Who lost his cool?

Here’s my question:  Who cares?  In a week or two, none of that will matter.

As only one or two pundits have noted thus far, the best question of the night came from Mr. Michael Jones, who asked:

Mr. President, I voted for you in 2008.  What have you done or accomplished to earn my vote in 2012?  I’m not [as] optimistic as I was in [2008].  Most things I need for everyday living are very expensive

President Obama rose to defend his record, and Governor Romney rose to critique it.  In my mind, this was the core of the debate.  Only foreign policy comes close to Jones’ question in importance, and the next debate will cover that topic.

Thank you, Mr. Jones.  Americans who are trying to decide whether to renew Obama’s contract needed your question asked.  The 6-minute response appears in the video below.  Obama threw up all the chaff he could, but Romney’s critique of Obama’s record was spot-on and devastating.

Bottom line: Obama tried his approach.  It hasn’t worked, it isn’t working, and the economy is still in decline with lower growth this year than last year, and lower growth last year than the one before.  We desperately need a team in Washington that understands how to turn around large-scale economic systems in deep fiscal trouble.

So …

It’s decision time.  Look at the resumés of the candidates.  Who can better manage a fiscal turnaround?  Governor Romney and Representative Ryan?  Or Barack Obama and his cabal of faculty-lounge, neo-Marxist, race/gender/class-warfare ideologues and Chicago-school political hacks?

Good grief, how clear does it have to be?

I hope Mr. Jones has come to the same conclusion that I have.


I believe you captured the main event,  it was the simplest and best question,  the only question and as all the others, Obama couldn't answer and Romney was head's on, with gusto.  Regardless of the outcome, Obama has no vision or any intentions of us   recovering,  he has almost completed his goal, to ruin America, but even the simplest and brightest amongst us, can see right through him, with all his lies  especially on his non-existing energy plan and his lies and avoiding the Benghazi tragedy, he had to cover up his cover up and lies by addressing the man who questioned him, and still he had no answers, his charm is null and void, in my opinion, he never had it. 


I'm glad you captured the most important Q&A of the town hall. This is the problem that most affects the "average" American - every day issues about the cost of gas, food, health insurance, lack of jobs, increasing insecurity around the world. And a president with no plans for the future (that he is willing to divulge) to get us out of the deep hole. The most striking aspect of this campaign is that Obama is talking and acting like he's running again for his first term.

WesternFreePress moderator

 @sleepergirl That's because he never really, truly embraced the role of president. Deep down, he knows he's not qualified.