Wide-Ranging Interview with Newt Gingrich

| October 16 2012
David Leeper

In this 30-minute Daily Caller interview, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich holds forth on critical near-term and long-term issues for America.  Of special interest is his historical perspective on the tectonic forces in global politics, especially Leftism and militant Islam, and what they portend for America unless we make deliberate changes.

Topics by timeline appear below:

00:00 Obama administration, speech censorship, and cultural imperialism
03:00 In what sense is Obama and imperial President, and what can Republicans do?
04:05 What might Romney do on his first day in office?
04:30 Why could Clinton get along with Congress but Obama cannot?
06:09 Using the Constitution as intended — what Congress can do
07:18 What is your take on the Benghazi situation?  What roll is the Media playing?
08:45 What can ordinary citizens do about media bias?
09:30 What about the love for Obama and tolerace for radical Islamists in universities and the media?
14:35 Media bias about the erosion of the Democrat party.
15:25 What is the 2012 election really all about?
16:30 Obama’s bureacratic socialism – a variation on European socialism
17:15 Obama’s anti-colonial mindset, and his unearthed 2007 speech
18:30 The totalitariansim of the Left — their reserved right to hate
19:05 What lessons did you learn about running for President?
20:32 The two Americas
22:15 Comments on foregin policy — the importance of radical Islam
25:30 Understanding Obama’s biases
26:00 Disservices to Obama by the Nobel Committee and the media
27:50 Where we are today in the world

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