VP Debate: Why is This Man Laughing?

| October 12 2012
David Leeper

The RNC has released a 1-minute video (below) of Joe Biden’s shameful grade-school-level antics during the Vice Presidential Debate of October 11.

The debate should have been a serious discussion.  Biden sabotaged it with his bluster, blunder, and barstool bravado.  His impolite interruptions, grunts, chuckles, rolling eyes, and mocking gestures distracted viewers trying to take in Mr. Ryan’s remarks.  Perhaps that was Biden’s strategy — distraction through theatrics.  But it is has no place in a debate at this level and at a time like this.  Shame on him.

Hoping to rescue some content, pundits will be combing through Biden’s “remarks” for many days to come.  The Democrat Media Complex may find a pony or two in all that “stuff”, but it won’t be easy.  On the other hand, Biden told a number outright whoppers running from the trivial to the profound.  They’ll be easier to find.  I’ve already seen one morning-after “top-ten” list.

To Mr. Biden, here’s my short memo:  Way to go, “Mr. Vice President”.   Really classy.  Really Vice Presidential.  An example to us all.  In a pig’s eye.



We have an adult in the room, he has earned my respect, his name is Paul Ryan.

Say what you want, Biden has approached the lowest ranking of any one I have ever seen in politics, business, military, education, religion, any and all topics of any relevance, he deserves no mention or should he receive any credit, good or bad, he is that insignificant and and not worth the time, as you may judge by Leeper's short blog.  If that is not enough, the MSM has practically made no mention of this abortion of a VP.

What should scare all of us, is that he is a heartbeat away from being our president.

And btw the moderater, whom I hope to never hear or see again, should stay on message and not end this debate with a question on abortion, we had 2 abortions at the debate, that was enough for me.


I watched the debate last night in complete disgust. The old politicians are making complete fools of themselves. This man has been there for 40 years and he does not have a clue about how Americans and the world really feel. He may have laughed at Paul Ryan last night but the whole world is laughing at him every day.