Bishop E. W. Jackson: “End ‘Slavish Devotion’ to Democrat Party”

| October 12 2012
David Leeper

Bishop E. W. Jackson’s video, posted here, has gone viral, and he has followed up with two more videos that could well do the same.

In the video below, Bishop Jackson calls on black Christians and believing Jews to leave the Democrat party because of that party’s racialist groupthink and support for same-sex marriage.  He is himself a Republican, but he does not call for anyone to join the Republican party.

The subject of political party affiliation and other subjects are covered in a CBN interview with Bishop Jackson in the second video appearing below.


Amen brother this about what God wants not what the Democrats or Republican want. To take back this country for God and the principals of god. For them to endorse same sex marrige and abortion should be the alarm for Christians to get out!!!! The idea behind the killing of the unborn with all its variations is nothing but satanic by origin. Do they think that this will not possibly morph into some very things like deciding whether or not adults should live or die, its bad very bad!!!

WesternFreePress moderator

 @JohnSkipper It is, no doubt, curious and disturbing to observe the degree to which the Democrats and the left plant their flag on a hill of death: Abortions (including partial-birth and death to babies who survive botched termination attempts); euthanasia, the IPAB, embryonic stem cell harvesting . . . These are often the issues about which they get the most strident. Why? Why this cultish obsession with death and killing?