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“Nearly Half of Voters Don’t Like Obama’s Handling of Libya Attacks”

Posted: October 11, 2012 at 7:45 am   /   by

That is the headline I saw this morning when I started clicking-through the news.  I find this utterly astonishing.  Nearly half don’t like his handling of Libya.  That means more than half either don’t much care, or are OK with it.  Seriously.

Here is a little reality check: The White House lied about Libya.  Not lied as in “Mitt Romney said something inconvenient about us, so we want to convince you it isn’t really true” but lied as in they knew what the facts were, and deliberately told the American People a different story they knew was not true.

This is not campaign posturing or a matter of subjective opinion, it is an indisputable, objective fact: the White House knew, within hours, the attack in Libya was committed by terrorists, and they spun us an obviously false story in order not to look-bad and avoid responsibility.  The story about the spontaneous protest over a video was completely self-serving.  It was insulting to Americans, and even more insulting to Muslims, because at some point, someone had to make the calculation that we would buy it.  They deliberately played upon a stereotype of Muslims, expecting the idea of violently murderous mobs sparked by a video would be readily believed, which is truly ironic coming as it does from the same people continuously wagging their finger at America for being “islamophobic.”

That more than fifty percent of Americans appear to be either neutral or approving of such behavior is truly unbelievable.  A large part of the responsibility for this fact of course rests with the left-wing media, who by and large have ignored or sugar-coated this story.  Yes, that’s the very same media which transformed the two-word phrase intelligence failures into household words while trying to cement responsibility for those failures to the Bush administration.  That doesn’t explain how such a large percentage could possibly not disapprove of Obama’s handling of Libya.  The fact is, there is a great number of Democrats and liberals who know Obama lied about Libya.  They simply don’t care.  Keep this fact in mind as you listen to them prattle-on about how Romney supposedly lied during the debate last week.    They deserve nothing but contempt.

Greg Conterio

Gregory Conterio grew-up in the middle of the cornfields of central Illinois, spent 12 years living in the People’s Republic of Los Angeles, and another 15 in Miami, Florida, giving him a first-hand perspective on the rich variability of American culture.  Although formally educated in zoology, he saw opportunity in the then emerging Information technology field 25 years ago, and has remained there ever since, although he denies being an early pioneer in the now fashionable trend of pursuing useless college degrees.  Having an entrepreneurial background, Gregory has long been a staunch advocate of free markets and minimal government intrusion into our lives.  He currently runs a small IT consulting firm based in South Florida, where he resides with his wife of 25 years, his daughter, three Whippets, and an unknown but growing number of chickens, having discovered belatedly the rural lifestyle is not so bad after all.

"Nearly Half of Voters Don’t Like Obama’s Handling of Libya Attacks"