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WARNING: Fact Checking Can Lead to Exposing Dishonest Campaign Ads

Posted: October 8, 2012 at 10:30 am   /   by



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Making Misleading Claims About Your Opponent Is Hazardous to Voters’ Impressions of the Honesty of Your Campaign.

“ABC15 determined that claim to be MISLEADING.”
—”FACT CHECK,” ABC 10/07/12

Carmona’s claim:
Says “career-politician” Jeff Flake voted “repeatedly” to cut veterans’ benefits, health care, and job training.

The truth:
Jeff Flake has a long record of supporting veterans, including more than 80 pieces of standalone legislation and many more amendments. Carmona’s false claim is based on four votes on bills that were about much more than just veterans’ issues.

Hardly a “career politician,” Jeff Flake has fought against earmarks and waste, even when it meant going against people in his own party. He has a long record of standing up for our servicemen and women from Arizona and around the nation.