It’s John Kerry’s Fault!

| October 8 2012
Greg Conterio

As the Obama administration continues to sift through the wreckage if its foundering campaign after Wednesday night’s debacle, we have heard all manner of excuses.  They tried screaming “Romney lied!” They blamed Jim Lehrer. There was even a rare Al Gore sighting, as he bizarrely opined it was the altitude that did it.  Now, the campaign is blaming John Kerry, for supposedly going too easy on the president during debate prep in order to curry favor.  CBS correspondent Bill Plante reported sources indicated to him that nobody wanted to really “challenge” Obama during debate prep, not even John Kerry, because Kerry wants Hillary’s job as Secretary of State, and didn’t want to “get in the President’s face.”

A couple things come to mind about this.  First is my natural inclination to smirk at yet another story of John Kerry’s ineptitude.  The notion that he might believe even the Obama administration would consider him for Secretary of State is cute.  Second is a feeling of reflexive panic at the prospect of John Kerry as Secretary of State.

With all of these excuses, perhaps it’s a good thing the next debate will focus on foreign policy.  Debate prep might go something like this: “Quick Mr. President, name a river in Egypt that also describes your attitude toward your first debate.”

The Obama campaign and their most rabid supporters seem to be the only ones not able to grasp why Wednesday went so badly for them.  The President’s seeming passivity, which is mostly a myth, was not the problem.  The problem is, he has a horrific record, and his only “accomplishment” is an increasingly unpopular health care take-over that was shoved through congress by naked bribery and pure partisanship.  The facts simply do not favor Obama, and trying to defend them would be nearly impossible for anyone.  If you go back & watch the tape, Obama was actually reasonably aggressive in his demeanor, and certainly did all he could to defend his position, including lying repeatedly and blatantly.  Trouble is, he doesn’t have Bill Clinton’s gift for this sort of thing.  And that is the good news.

The bad news is, things are about to get harder for the President.  When the topic was domestic and economic policy, at least Romney has a public record Obama could attack.  The topic this time will be foreign policy.  Romney has nothing to attack, and Obama’s record is a smoldering ruin, animated only by the occasional belch of an IED.  This next debate is only going to be more difficult for the president, with facts on the ground that are if anything even less-pretty than his economic policy. And no surface-area to attack on his opponent.

But things are not all bad from Obama.  I understand from inside sources his team is reanimating the corpse of Neville Chamberlain to help with debate prep.

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