The Obamas’ school lunch restrictions are robbing teens of nutrients

| October 7 2012
Christopher Cook

The parody video below is funny, but serious. It depicts high school students going hungry due to the reduced portion size of school lunches. It’s a cute effort by a bunch of hungry kids.

And they ARE hungry. When I was a teen, I was constantly hungry, and I was thin as a rail. There were times when I would have eaten a hole through drywall if I didn’t get some proper food. There is not a direct correlation between kids who eat a lot and excess weight. In fact . . .

Study: Overweight teens actually eat fewer calories than thinner peers

“For older children and teenagers, increasing involvement in physical activity may be more important to weight and health than is their child’s diet,” said study researcher Asheley Cockrell Skinner, an assistant professor of health policy and pediatrics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “Parents of all children should aim for a healthy diet, but don’t assume that overweight children are eating any worse than their peers,” she said.

The findings may provide validation for overweight teens facing a frustrating reality: they eat less than their normal-weight peers, yet continue to weigh more.

“I think our findings are particularly important from a social perspective,” Cockrell Skinner said. “It’s easy for society to make assumptions that kids are eating a lot of junk, which can also imply blame for their obesity, but the research doesn’t bear that out.”


The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act is yet one more example of government believing that it knows better than you do, and harming you in the process with a choice-robbing, one-size-fits-all “solution.” This is not freedom.