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Robert Graham Releases Video Opposing Proposition 121

Posted: October 4, 2012 at 5:50 pm   /   by


For Immediate Release
October 4, 2012

Robert Graham Releases Video Opposing Proposition 121

PHOENIX – Today, Robert Graham released a web video opposing Proposition 121. Graham, a candidate for Arizona Republican State Party Chairman, criticized the Open Elections/Open Government initiative’s corrupting influence on Arizona politics.

“This year, however, with Prop 121, outside special interest groups are trying to take away our freedoms by limiting OUR choices in OUR elections. We’ve seen these same groups cripple California with laws similar to Prop 121. Do you want California politics in Arizona?”

The video also highlight’s Graham’s concern that Proposition 121 is an attempt by outside groups to control Arizona’s election process. The video closes by calling for “honest elections.”

“Like you, I don’t want Arizona to have to deal with the same mess California is in. This November, let’s stand up for honest elections, not political schemes. Vote NO on 121 with me.”

Robert Graham is President and CEO of RG Capital, and is responsible for the company’s financial advisory, investment banking/consulting and corporate development business.

In addition, Graham is the author of Job Killers: The American Dream in Reverse and is a nationally recognized fiscal policy expert.

Graham has lived in Arizona for seventeen years. He and his wife, Julia, reside in Phoenix with their five children. Graham and his family are active members of their church and local community. Graham is also a Life member of the National Rifle Association. The Grahams have helped support and serve local and international charities through their church and directly such as Catholic Charities, New Beginnings Women Shelter, My Sister’s Place, Saint Mary’s Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and Healing Hands for Haiti, among others.

For more information on Robert Graham, please visit his website or Facebook page. 

Robert S. Graham is running for State Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. Graham is a member of the Arizona GOP Leadership Council which serves to support and foster leadership, vision and the growth of the Arizona Republican Party. Graham is also a Life member of the National Rifle Association.


  1. Pvblivs says:

    If you want honest elections and not the political schemes we have been having, you will support Prop 121.  Someone who wants to take the role of party boss and dictate the candidates the typical voter even gets to see doesn’t like the proposition.  I can think of no greater endorsement.

  2. FrankHenry says:

    Robert, I’m a member of NRA also….and have heard the same kind of information being
    spread in the media….But a YES vote for Prop 121:
    1. Will have equal access for all voters to be placed on evey ballot.
    2. Will have equal access for all voters to vote every ballot.
    3. Will allow all political parties equal opportunity to work hard to support their choice
    of candidates and issues…and taxs payers monies won’t be used.