Even most liberals agree: Romney crushes Obama in first debate

| October 4 2012
Christopher Cook

Conservatives and Republicans, especially those who follow politics closely, knew that a lot was riding on this debate for Mitt Romney.

In any population , those who pay close attention to politics are vastly outnumbered by those who don’t. Thus, Romney needed to introduce himself to America last night, most especially to low-information voters and undecideds. He had to get it right.

In national polls, Obama has had a ceiling of about 47%, one that he rarely pierces. Romney has been around the same spot, or even a little lower (though the polls have some serious sample problems, as we’ve discussed), but there is a huge difference here. Romney has room to grow, Obama has little. Obama is defined to everyone; Romney is not. Obama’s four years have not been, from any objective measure that will be acceptable to independents and leaners, a success. Those voters are waiting for a reason to support Obama’s challenger. Going into last night’s debate, Romney’s main purpose had to be to show himself to be—to these low-info, leaner, and undecided cohorts especially—an acceptable alternative. To say to them, “Look, I am not a monster. I am a competent leader and a decent human being. It is safe for you to vote for me.”

If that had been all he had done, the debate would have been a success. Instead, he got up in front of these voters, hit for the cycle, turned a couple of unassisted double plays, and basically shut out the other team. It was a romp.

It was so much of a romp that even the most inveterate leftists and liberals have admitted as much, mostly in hair-rending, teeth gnashing Tweets . . . much to the delight of conservatives and Republicans everywhere. Obama even got over four minutes more talking time and he still lost.

B.O., K-O-ed and Obama Fans Suddenly See the Same Guy We’ve Seen All Along are instructive and entertaining reads. Juan Williams was calling it a “massacre.”

If you didn’t see it last night, watch it for yourself now:


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