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Curtis Bowers of “Agenda, Grinding America Down” Speaks in Mesa

Posted: October 4, 2012 at 4:30 pm   /   by

On October 2, Curtis Bowers, writer, producer, director, and star of the documentary “Agenda, Grinding America Down”, appeared in person at the East Valley Tea Party in Mesa, AZ.  Mr. Bowers is a former Representative in the Idaho State Legislature.

Tens of thousands of copies of “Agenda” have been sold, and millions have seen its compelling story.  It has raised levels of awareness all across America to the (at best misguided) intentions of the Left and their accomplices, both witting and unwitting.  The documentary won First Prize of $101,000 at the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

Click here for the 7-minute trailer to “Agenda” as well as links where you can purchase the documentary.  For those who wish a quick summary of the message in the “Agenda” documentary, see the transcript material from the documentary at the bottom of this post.

The 40-minute video below contains Rep. Bowers’ remarks from October 2.  He is introduced by Brad Zinn, professional speaker, entertainer, and conservative political activist.  An interview with Rep. Bowers, conducted by Brad Zinn will appear in a separate post — check back here for the link.


The central message of “Agenda: Grinding America Down”

“The left wants you to think that the cultural changes that have taken place since the 1960s have done nothing but progress us forward, toward a brave new world. This film will show that the brave new world they seek is nothing more than the failed policies and ideologies of the communism that enslaved over a third of the world’s population during the 20th century.

“It will show that they’ve done everything in their power to dumb down our children, undermine our families, rewrite our history, and promote obscenity and immorality everywhere that they can.

“It will show that most people on the left aren’t communists, just the useful idiots Lenin spoke of, who are being used to promote a socialist agenda which is the first and necessary step toward communism.

“History has proven beyond any doubt that the free enterprise that freedom produces provides more for anyone willing to work than any other system. So why would the left still be pushing a socialist agenda? It’s really just microwave communism. There are only two possibilities. They are either ignorant, or evil.

“From my investigation over the last two years into what has caused America’s drastic decline, I’m sorry to say the left won’t be able to use the ignorant card. They’ve left too much evidence of their agenda in their books, articles, and speeches. No. America has an enemy that is getting very close to accomplishing its plan of destroying the greatest country in world history.

“The reason I called this film Agenda, is because I wanted to make a clear distinction between what I was researching, and all the conspiracy theories out there. The dictionary says a ‘conspiracy’ is an evil plan formulated in secret by two or more persons. But an agenda is simply a list of things to be done. At every turn of my investigation, I’ve found agendas by people and groups of the left, outlining their plan in their own words. They’ve been doing most of this right out in the open.

“Some of you might be thinking these Marxist ideas aren’t the most serious threat we face. What about militant Islam? Or open borders? The national debt? Or even China? Well, I agree that America is facing many serious threats right now. But the reason I believe this agenda is the most dire is because it’s destroying us, on the inside. Through political correctness and dumbing down, it’s causing us to lose our ability to call evil evil, and stand against it. I fear for our country. If we go along with business as usual, not informed, not aware of what’s going on, then the very small minority that have a plan and are great at organizing the uninformed and misguided will make sure their plan is carried out.” thanks the East Valley Tea Party and Rep. Bowers for permission to make the video of his Oct 2 presentation.