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CNN poll uses huge Democrat sample, STILL shows good news for Romney

Posted: October 2, 2012 at 3:40 am   /   by

Here are the toplines, courtesy of Hot Air:

 So what do we see here?

Romney is winning independents by 8 points.

Romney is winning 96% of Republicans; Obama is off that pace by 3 points with Democrats at 93%.

Romney is losing fewer Republicans than Obama is Democrats (4% vs. 6%).

And yet . . . Obama leads by three. And why does he lead by three? Because the sample in the poll was D+8 (37D/29R/34I). Even 2008, which was a massive wave election for the Democrats, was only a D+7. 2010 and 2004 were even. Chances are, 2012 is going to be somewhere between D+3 and Even. (And remember, Bush won in 2000 with a D+4, and it wouldn’t have been nearly as close as it was but for the fraudulent call of Florida.)

So, in a year of economic malaise, with an unemployed and cranky electorate, does CNN really think Obama is actually going to out-perform the 2008 wave of Hope’n’Change?

The answer is no, CNN does not think that . . . but they want YOU to think it.