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The Pied Piper at the White House

Posted: September 30, 2012 at 2:30 pm   /   by

pied piper – a leader who entices people to follow (especially to their doom)

Most adults have heard the story of the pied piper who appeared in the fairy tale by Robert Browning.  This is a story about a man who came to a small European hamlet to lure the rats away that had infiltrated the town. After completing his job the townsfolk refused to pay him and in retaliation he returned with a sweet song of love and prosperity, leading the children away to their death.

The United States has elected a pied piper as the leader of our nation. He came to the people as a charming, well spoken, intelligent, young fresh face. He spoke and the people listened to his song of hope and change.  As he weaved his words into their lives, it became harder and harder to turn away. Instead of questioning who he was, where he came from or how he intended to fulfill all of his promises, they blindly danced to his words. The more they listened the louder he played until they no longer heard anything other than his song. Instead of thinking for themselves and seeing what was clearly in front of them, the people accepted his vision and his leadership without question.

Barack Obama is our modern day pied piper. The definition of our pied piper is, “a leader who entices people to follow, especially to their doom.”  Many are calling him the “Teflon President”.  No mater what he does nothing sticks. He is not held accountable and the people and the media passionately defend him.

As I listened to the news that comes out from both mainstream media and cable news I still shake my head in dismay at those who cannot see what has happened in the last four years. But, nothing shocks and saddens me more than the events that happened again on 9/11/2012 when our embassy in Libya was attacked and four Americans were killed. Not a merciful killing but a painful, tortured killing among a focused enemy.

On 9/12 when the news started coming out on what happened I remember thinking, “Finally, now people will see that Obama is a terrible foreign policy leader.”  However, how wrong I was. Again, the pied piper gets on his podium looking deep into the camera while professing his outrage at the violence our citizens had to endure. He shares how saddened he is as the four caskets are carried from the airplane to the waiting hearse. He talks about a stupid video that has caused all of this pain when all the time he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew exactly what was coming and did nothing to protect our Ambassador, our embassy employee and our navy seals.

To the dismay of many even in his own party, he jetted off to Las Vegas to smile and again sing his song of the pied piper.  “I’m so in love with you”, he sings out, “and I am the one you should vote for.” From Las Vegas to the ladies at The View, he sings his song and lures the people to follow him, blind and unaware of what they are agreeing to until it is too late.

Every time I hear someone say that Mitt Romney is just not likeable I shake my head. For those who heard his speech at the Clinton Global Initiative this week, you heard a speech from a man who will lead this country out of a fiscal hole that is very deep. His compassion and his faith shine out from his words. No, he doesn’t sing and he doesn’t play the flute and he is not the pied piper.  Mitt Romney is the man who should be called the President of the United States, our Commander-in-Chief.


  1. NeilFeuer says:

    @Very good, very good indeed

  2. Dennis Donner says:

    He’s  the Pied Piper because he has a canned audience. They’re bought and paid for. Marxist George Soros owns the liberal news media.
    After that consider how much foreign influence Muslims can amass in America over 5 decades and $$$Billions of dollars spent. It’s not a new plan. It’s the same plan Muhammad employed 1400 years ago. Don’t disparage me without first reading the material below.
    In the 1960s Saudi King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz put in writing a plan naming people, strategies and objectives for conquering America with GRADUALISM/ much like geologic gradualism It follows the plan laid out in Islam’s “books” given by Allah to Muhammad. See that Saudi Manifesto of Foreign Policy here
    Here are links to more on the subject
    Why Mosques Should Be Shut Down
    Islamic Center must Violate our Laws?
    Houma Abedin and the Saudi King’s Manifesto (of foreign policy)’s-manifesto/
    The 3 Stages of Islam (in any host country)
    FINANCIER/ IMPLEMENTING THE SAUDI FOREIGN POLICY: Put this name in Google: Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Then one by one add in with his name:  and Harvard University         and Elena Kagan         and (name any) University         and Obama         and George Soros     and CAIR      and ISNA          and Muslim Brotherhood         and (Fox News) Rupert Murdock         and MSA       and stay with it, go where it takes you!

    1.  @Dennis Donner There is no doubt that Jihad and the institution of Sharia are, by design, an incremental process in any western nation in which the more sudden, revolutionary versions would be met with overwhelming resistance.
      Interestingly, the same phenomenon has been at work since the early 20th century in the difference between revolutionary socialism and reformist socialism.

      1. Dennis Donner says:

         @WesternFreePress The two movements have many things in common. The main thing is both are totalitarian.

        1.  @Dennis Donner statism, monarchy, toalitarianism, sharia, redistribution, despotism, dictatorship . . . . . there are 10,000 ways to oppress people, but only one way to let them be free

        2. dleeper47 says:

           @WesternFreePress  @Dennis Donner I know Leftists who love to quibble about the definitions of the various strains of Leftism.  And they spend a lot of time trying to describing defensively which strain they are and which they are not.  But they all have an implicit faith in Big Government and see little reason to restrain its growth and power over our lives and freedoms.  And that is the pathway to hell that they refuse to acknowledge despite the historical record.  

        3. dleeper47 says:

           @WesternFreePress  @Dennis Donner I know Leftists who love to quibble about the definitions of the various strains of Leftism.  And they spend a lot of effort defensively declaring which strain they are and which they are not.  But they all have an abiding faith in Big Government and see little reason to restrain its growth and power over our lives and freedoms.  And that is the pathway to hell that they refuse to acknowledge despite the historical record of Big Government failures.  

        4.  @dleeper47  @Dennis Donner Yes, that states very concisely something that i have been contending in print and in speech for quite some time now: Every ideology of the left is just a link on a chain. The most moderate Keynesian/Third-wayer is only separated from absolute totalitarianism by a matter of degree. It’s the same ideology, just at a different level on the volume knob.

  3. Victoria Kimball says:

    Sheila, my friend, you have hit the nail on the head.  I had not thought of Obama as the Pied Piper, but now that will remain in my head forever.  How perfectly you have described him.  

  4. sleepergirl says:

    Excellent characterization of the fraud who sits in our Oval Office. Forget the “likeability” quotient. I see in Romney a very qualified executive who has made tough decisions in business and succeeded and in state government working with a super majority of Democrats in MA. I demand leadership in our President and Commander in Chief, and I will give my respect and loyalty. I don’t care about his romances, favorite TV personality, or I-pod playlist. I want someone to take our votes seriously, pull us out of the abyss, and bring us home again. I want Mitt Romney, not a Pied Piper.

    1. dleeper47 says:

       @sleepergirl The metaphor is all the more relevant because the primary victims of the Progressives are children whose income is being stolen before they’ve earned it … see the “Teens Crying Out” post on

    2. smuehling says:

       @sleepergirl  I agree. I am hearing about the open enrollment for new insurance under Obamacare and people are seeing what they are facing. It is a mess. The IRS is saying you have to report if you married, divorced, change your name, change your address, change your job and it goes on and on. It is insane.

      1.  @smuehling  @sleepergirl We are reaping what 53% of Americans sowed for us on Nov. 2, 2008.

  5. Citizenvetusa says:

    Nice analogy of a familiar childhood story applied to the self anointed one!  Good news is maybe the 2008 voters are disappointed the pied piper led them down a rosy path to slavery!  
    MASSIVE DECLINE in Democrat Voter Registration in 8 Swing States:
    Story at
    We appreciate your efforts Sheila.

  6. smuehling says:

    Thank you for all your comments. I am sure you listened as I did to the Sunday morning talk shows. Wasn’t it amazing to hear David Plouffe tell the host of Meet The Press that Obama probably wouldn’t do as well with the debate as Romney because the President has been busy running the country and Romney has been busy doing practice runs and debating his primary opponents. The President has been busy alright, he has been busy campaigning for two years, not busy running the country. If he was running the country we would have stopped the killing of our Ambassador and three other Americans. I am so tired of the spin the Obama team throws out and I am really tired of the press letting them do it. 

The Pied Piper at the White House