The Great Bill Clinton Deception: No One Could Have Done Better Than Obama(?)

| September 30 2012
David Leeper

The only way Americans can possibly forgive Obama’s abysmal record is to deceive themselves into thinking that no one else could have done any better.

Based on his DNC speech, Bill Clinton is being widely quoted as having said precisely that.  Even on his Sept 28 radio show, Rush Limbaugh quoted Clinton several times as having said no one could have done any better than Obama.  It’s ostensibly Clinton’s “great gift” to Obama — offering up the Clinton charisma and credibility to people still desperate to believe in “The One”.

But it’s all false. Clinton never said any such thing, as you can hear for yourself if you listen carefully to the 27-second video clip below.

Clinton actually said [my emphasis added]:

… listen to me now … no President … no President … not me … not any of my predecessors … no one … could have fully repaired all the damage that he found … in just four years …  [standing ovation follows]

This is a great gift?  Phooey!  Clinton gave Obama the sleeves out of his vest — that is, he gave him nothing at all.  Of course no one could have “fully repaired all the damage” any more than one can unscramble an egg!  So technically, Clinton, the lawyer, is correct — he’s covered.

But could anyone else have done better than Obama?  Certainly.  Almost any politician could have done better — much better — on almost any front.  Nonetheless, Clinton is being widely quoted by pundits of all stripes as having said that no one else could have done better.

I can just hear the voters taking it even further by saying to themselves: “Yeah, sure, things are lousy.  But Obama did the best that anyone could do.  Bill Clinton himself said so.  So I’ll give Obama another four years.”

You just have to hand it to Clinton — he’s a master at mass hypnosis — at getting people to deceive themselves and others.  This particular deception was perhaps his greatest ever.  And this time his deception doesn’t even depend on what the meaning of the word is is.