Obamacare Summed up in One Sentence

| September 27 2012
Christopher Cook

Here is Barbara Bellar, who is “running against the Chicago Machine for State Senate in the Illinois 18th District,” with a pithy summation* of Obamacare . . .

. . . to the great delight of the crowd!


I am a candidate running against the Chicago Machine for State Senate in the Illinois 18th District and I could use your help! With the national attention I am receiving from this video you know that the Chicago Machine will be even more motivated to defeat me. So please consider volunteering for my campaign, we need volunteers of all kinds for various campaign duties. To volunteer email us at electbellar@gmail.com. And if you can give financially, any size donation would be greatly appreciated. To donate go to http://electbellar.com and click the donate button in the top/right corner of the screen. And know that your efforts & donations will go to defeat the Chicago Machine.

Don’t like to donate on-line, checks can be sent to Citizens to Elect Barbara Bellar – PO Box 557766, Chicago, IL 60655.

To view my complete speech go to

Follow my mobile campaign by texting “Bellar” to 90210.

Many thanks to John Wagner (Maxine) for this excerpt.

* Simular summations have been floating around the Internet for some time now, but Bellar delivers this one quite well.