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New ad hits Sinema as “Prada socialist”

Posted: September 20, 2012 at 11:05 am   /   by

Sometimes a candidate’s own words are the greatest tools a campaign has against them.  The presidential campaigns seem to have figured that out, and now in a local congressional race the tactic is being used.  Former Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker came out of the multi-candidate field in the District 9 GOP primary the winner, and is now tasked with taking down Kyrsten Sinema in the general election.

This may be a taller order than it should at first appear to be to Western Free Press readers.  Kyrsten Sinema has an extremely radical past, and has previously supported the actual Communist Party USA.  She has also falsely claimed to be a Latina.  But nonetheless, she remains a fairly popular political figure in the state.

Fortunately American Future Fund has decided to air some ads in the race.  This one hits Sinema for being a self-proclaimed “Prada socialist”.  Good stuff.


Katherine Dudley Hoehn

Katherine writes from her home office, with the help of her adopted chocolate lab. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, she has spent most her her government relations and nonprofit career inside the Capital Beltway where she also raised two amazing sons.

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  1. Confused says:

    Can someone tell me what a Prada socialist is? 
    Does this mean she believes in places like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc. that have higher taxes than we do, but provide a large social safety net, while also embracing capitalism? Or is her vision of socialism closer to that of England or Canada that have less taxes and a smaller social safety net? 
    I’m uncertain what this ad actually means.

    1. jeannej1 says:

      Dear Confused; A Prada Socialist is a person who considers them self a communist a socialist; A person who believes we as a Nation should bow down to a Dictator that will make all our decisions, will tell us what clothes to wear, food to eat, schools to attend, who we can and cannot love or marry, where we will live, how long we will live, and if mentally or physically challenged human being have the right to live; There’s more much more. Don’t believe me? Check out Hitler,Castro, Stalin,Hussein, Pal Top, and check into how they obtained their power; Way too many to mention; read your Bible, read your history books( before they all get changed) these books all tell what happens when people listen to dictators, these evil men are working towards a New World Order; Not just the take over of the United States but the whole world.  If this knowledge doesn’t wake some people up “God Help US” @WesternFreePress 

      1. SimplyAmerican says:

        @jeannej1  @WesternFreePress I lived in Communist China for 2 yrs collectively and I can tell you that the Government can not and does not replace God although the rulers like to think they do. There are some good points to communisim but mainly a Democratic society like ours can never mix or join a Communist government. We are opposites, and if you grow up in America, it would e very diffictult to live under Commuist governments. In fact impossible. If Kristen wants to be a socialsit, and Obama tlet them be the first ones to distribute their wealth to the now jobless. Lets see the Elite begin sharing their wealth instead of taking from corporations and giving it to the poor who are not capable of turning it into a 100 fold, like the wealthy. IT appears the USA will never never never be the same, esp with Obama’s gang  including Kristen, in charge. IT is a sad day in America.

        1. jeannej1 says:

          @SimplyAmerican  @WesternFreePress To SimplyAmerican and Pitdoug 1998… i am so happy to find like minded people such as yourselves; I have been experiencing computer problems, hopefully it will stay on long enough for me to respond to both of you. Okay I believe that we can come back but it’s going to take righteous people to do it, I don’t believe God likes fence sitters, I believe he likes people that  want to keep his commandments and want to raise their children in a free land, I started with Western Free Press when Sinema was wanting to start her election; a self-professed Prada socialist, that women are leeching off of their husbands by being home and being mothers. The really sad part here, I hear she won. So this tells me people don’t want truth,They don’t want honor,They don’t want idealism. They don’t want family values. I do not believe that they are considering God at all;unfortunately we all have to have adversity in our lives to help us grow and yes we should be honoring God’s people his chosen peopleand by doing this we are blessed. When we don’t do what we’re supposed to then there are consequences, most people do not realize what some of these consequences are; everything has consequences, elections,personal choices, desires, everything has a consequence to rewards or punishments. I really would like to see a people United not divided. I have done a lot of research on New World Orders; A lot of people are going to have a very rude awakening,more on this later. You both stay strong.

        2. Dear jeannej1, Thank you for your kind words of solidarity and your support. Keep coming back, and we’ll keep talking. And I promise you, we will keep working just as hard—and even harder—to save this country and the principles upon which she was founded.  @jeannej1  @SimplyAmerican

        3. pitdoug1998 says:

          @jeannej1  @SimplyAmerican  @WesternFreePress How do we combat free stuff? For the first time in our electoral history the takers have SOLIDLY outnumbered the makers.

        4. jeannej1 says:

          @pitdoug1998  @SimplyAmerican  @WesternFreePress Pitdoug 1998, SimplyAmerican, the question you are asking is very complex, but I do believe after the first of the year Obama is going to have quite a surprise. Ohio that was backing Obama is losing 530 million dollars in food stamps, that should thank Ohio for being so supportive. Colorado that backed Obama had about 1.8 million acres of land that they were going to use for energy supply;  The Obama Administration took it away and cut it off from the people so they cannot use it, that should teach them too. Point  all the entitalments promised, are now being taken away; These are only a couple of things, there is a tsunami of layoffs, businesses closing their doors, two days after the election 15,000 people laid off;   We are what a week since the election. I do not believe the Obama Administration can keep up the farce. Remember when Obama said after the election” the Best is yet to come”. His main agenda is almost in play,” the worst is yet to come.” I will get back.@

        5. @pitdoug1998  @jeannej1  @SimplyAmerican We fight the war of ideas harder than ever. We expand our new media presnce, and we assault every beachhead currently controlled by the left: academia, the media, and entertainment. We never give up. We recognize that our efforts may not bear as much fruit in our lifetimes as we would wish, but we pass the torch of liberty to our children, and they to their children, and we fight the fight for liberty with every breath we have, in every generation.

        6. jeannej1 says:

          @WesternFreePress  @pitdoug1998  @SimplyAmerican I just contacted pitdoug1998, and told him I was doing some extensive research for we the people, have you heard about sustainable development? I am doing this for my childrens future as well as every body elses.@

      2. pitdoug1998 says:

        @jeannej1  @WesternFreePress jeannej1 God DID help us and we spit in His face. Look to Israel and Obomba’s outright, palatable hatred of her THEN read Scripture with regards to His thoughts on those who turn their back’s on His CHOSEN people and what happens to those who BLESS His people.We are mere months maybe even days from an Israeli strike on Iran. Israel now knows that America will not be there if the need arises. Waiting for Obomba to stop Iran’s march toward being a nuclear state will bare Israel NO fruit sadly.

        1. @pitdoug1998  @jeannej1 But, God remains on the throne. Perhaps Isral, with its hands now unbound, will be able to take more unequivocal, less restrained steps in its own defense. Just a thought . . .

        2. jeannej1 says:

          @WesternFreePress  @pitdoug1998 Yes God does remain on the throne; But the people are still the same, sometimes people can live under stress, threats, hunger, fear you get the picture. They probably need to renew, strengthen their faith ; Hamas is striking, Al Quida, the Muslim Brotherhood and who knows who else; They are being armed by us, the United States, if it wasn’t for good people like you and others, I am so ashamed to be called an American, yes I know it isn’t us. From the sounds of things a full fledged war is breaking out, wonder if we are going to help.@

        3. @jeannej1  @pitdoug1998 We live in strange, dark, interesting times.

        4. jeannej1 says:

          @WesternFreePress  @pitdoug1998 I don’t know about the interesting but definately dark and strange. I have been doing a lot of research on sustainable development, have you heard anything on this?@

        5. @jeannej1  @pitdoug1998 IIRC, “May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese curse. If by sustainable development you mean Agenda 21, then yes. There is a large movement out there dedicated to stopping Agenda 21, both here and abroad.

        6. jeannej1 says:

          @WesternFreePress  @pitdoug1998 You got it! This is very serious, people who care about people , need to band together to try to stop this madness before we are all put in bondage, our constitutional rights are slowly being taken away, they are working real hard on our freedom of speech. I have been following , for years what some very wealthy people were wanting to do; the difference, it is happening now!!! @WesternFreePress

  2. Confused says:

    Or is her vision of socialism closer to that of England or Canada that have less taxes and a smaller social safety net compared to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.?

  3. Perhaps you could ask Sinema that question, since that is how she described herself. Don’t expect a straight answer, though. Obama wouldn’t tell us who he really was in 2008, and she won’t either. After all, she’s got an election to win, and all of us bitter, religious gun-clingers wouldn’t understand . . . .

    1. AimlessCodeMonkey says:

       @WesternFreePress This is obviously an attack ad so I think would be better served looking for the actual interview she used the term in.  I haven’t seen the original material, but I assume the “Prada Socialist” may have been heavily context dependent.
      Quote:”Sinema said her critics were reading too much into a question-and-answer interview that she said was meant to be a light-hearted spoof…..And she discusses her seven pairs of glasses and her wardrobe, describing herself as “a Prada socialist,’’ saying people can still believe in fairness and justice “and still have fabulous accessories.’’” – from (

      1.  @WesternFreePress Sinema has plenty of ties, and has made plenty of statements, indicating a hard-left stance. Her statement is not out of context, it is an admission against interest.

  4. AJabalac says:

    Come on, people.  Sinema actually had her name posted on the Communist Party website for a while.  Not there anymore, I hear.

    1. @ AJabalac Right, because it’s time to trick Arizonans.

      1. jeannej1 says:

         @WesternFreePress Are you referring to what former leader of the North Phoenix Tea Party  Ron Ludders is trying to do? There are several definations,but two republican candidates are running for State Senator and Ron Ludders is encouraging people to write in a candidate whether they are registered are not thus throwing away their vote. The defination of Prada Socialist is being communist; I believe Sinema has all the qualifications for this role.

  5. jeannej1 says:

    A married woman is LEECHING off her husband????? What planet did this twit fall off of???

    1.  @jeannej1 But that’s just it—-the further left someone goes, the more likely they are to believe crazy stuff like this. This is one indication (among many) that Sinema much further left than a lot of people realize.

      1. jeannej1 says:

         @WesternFreePress Do people really not understand bondage; being repressed, not being able to make their own decisions; This is socialism and communism, taking away your rights your freedoms. If your rights and freedoms get taken away you may never get them back.This is what Sinema stands for and what SHE falls for. Maybe people need to think of Slavery in terms of what is happening today; people like Sinema will bring this about. @WesternFreePress 

        1.  @jeannej1 The sentence “it’s for the people” is very seductive. They convince innocent, compassionate people that the state is the only means by which compassion can be delivered.

        2. jeannej1 says:

           @WesternFreePress Ah yes the infamous Roseanne Barr in all her infinate wisdom; states Socialism; It’s not just for Wall Street anymore, it’s for the people, too. I heard today some people say “when asked what they thought socialism was” said it was a party, a get together. I dare say some self professed” intelligent people” are going to experience a very rude awakening. I really hope and pray not all of us are going to have to pay for their ignorance.@

        3. jeannej1 says:

           @WesternFreePress I do not believe the State is capable of compassion under the mayhem it is experiencing, the people are better off in the knowledge that they are the keepers of their own souls and possess all the compassion they need. To thine own self be true; and you will find truth and compassion within yourself. @WesternFreePress 

        4.  @jeannej1 You are correct; the state is not capable of compassion. The state is only capable of force, and redistribution by force. Humans are capable of compassion, and we would be able to meet all genuine need in this country through private compassion if the state would stop taking so much money from us and redistributing it (poorly, inefficiently, and without discernment) for us.

        5. jeannej1 says:

           @WesternFreePress I have said it before and so have other people, we have to stand on our principles, we have to stand for something or we will find ourselves falling for anything. We as a whole are being treated like we are the most stupid nation on the Earth; We are the laughing stock of other Countries because we have a president who bows to third world pressure, making the United States look weak.We as a Nation need to remember the United States Constitution is based on the foundation of being under God, and we as a Nation better keep God in our hearts and prayers more now than any other time in our life time. As Randy Travis said; Forever and Ever Amen!
          So Be It!! @WesternFreePress 

        6. jeannej1 says:

           @WesternFreePress I really believe the State; Our whole Government is responsible for so much confusion amongst the people, I have never heard so many BOLD lies, empty promises,while being totally unconcerned for a people as a whole.They tell people in great need, they will give them what they need and want,  that all their needs and wants will be met, with out telling them the truth,that to get FREE PHONES, FREE INTERNET,HEALTHCARE,HOUSING, Etc. all they have to do is support the people giving them the treasures. But they are NOT FREE, the money is taken from other people by way of taxes to pay for these luxuries, and putting a burden on the tax payers. The State is forcing the citizens to indure great hardships so they can play the good samaritian. We really need to remember, all of us; UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL!! Truer words have never been spoken.@

        7.  @jeannej1 Aren’t we already paying for their ignorance? And with 16 trillion in debt, aren’t our children and grandchildren already paying?

        8. jeannej1 says:

           @WesternFreePress We are paying dearly, our children , our grandchildren, they will never be able to pay off a debt they did not incur. The really sad part of this is; If Obama gains another term the puppeteers pulling Obama’s strings are going to be more devastating. People don’t seem to realize that when they vote for someone they are really voting for the purse strings behind the candidate; The people behind him have been trying to create a New World Order for a long time , where they can control “EVERYONE”; The United States is not the only Nation at risk here, this is why, they are controlling the UN, sending arms to everyone, sending so much money to all these other countries in the name of humanitarian aid. It’s called winning friends and influencing people; There are rumors of a fake assassination just before the election, where Obama can declare Marshall Law and put him in office just like Castro and other dictators who took over countries. The debt for another term will be double, triple, quadruple the amount now; The United States will cease to exist as we know it, our lives will change so drastically; We will have to have a higher power save us. The people who help reelect Obama will find, all the FREE STUFF ends here and will be held in captivity.@

        9. jeannej1 says:

           @WesternFreePress Help is on the way, by way of citizens banding together and fighting the great cause” FREEDOM” I want to remain free, but ignorance of what some people are doing we are like the lamb being lead to slaughter. Did you enjoy when your parents or who ever was in charge put you in time out? I don’t think so; Our Government is putting us all in TIME OUT!  We are being laughed at, called stupid, wimps, cowards hey you name it, I used to really believe we were a nation of winners; That everyone loved to win but I believe from show of hands we are turning into a nation of losers; We let our debt go sky high, we let people push a health care plan on us that is costing us dearly ( you don’t even seem to realize that it covers so many more deals than health care, or is it you are to stupid to care) how much more are we going to take before we wise up and say (I’m mad as hell  and not going to take it anymore). What about your loved ones, if you don’t care for them, do you really think the government will take care of them with the tender loving care you are putting into it?  You are trying to make your family strong, the Government is making them weak, gimme, gimme I want, no principles, no back bone, cowards, thinking the Government should support all of us, why not… we have to be told how to think now, we can’t even decide whether or not… if we want freedom or if we want to become Government puppets. @WesternFreePress 

        10.  @jeannej1 Obama will lose in just over one month.

  6. cjll says:

    the prada socialist remark has been fact checked and shown to be misleading.  in addition, the greatly increase taxes remark, was taken out of context and refers to increasing taxes on those earning above 75,000. Those of us who make more should pay more, so i’m supporting candidates who want me to pay more taxes.  it is common sense, that we need to do our part for the greater good of all in our community.

  7. azellz says:

    Did anyone else notice that the statement concerning raised taxes in this add was from a candidate poll in 2006? That was 6 years ago! I doubt Sinema’s statement from then has the same meaning or bearing 6 years later. If they’re going to make an attack add, I think it should be based on recent facts. I’m sure they could find some much more recent, and therefore more relevant statements to make Sinema look like a moron. As it is, I feel insulted that they couldn’t just tell me the real facts and let me make up my own damn mind.

  8. freedom loving AZ says:

    She is at best a socialist and probably worse a communist in the way as the former Soviet Union.  She believes in the big controlling government holding down and squashing the common citizens while giving all the riches, freedoms, and luxuries to the protected class of politician, artists and athletes.  You will never see her living by the very laws she writes and supports. She will expect to have the freedom of traffic free roads to drive her Mercedes or BMW while she forces us on time inefficient public buses and trains.  She will wear the nicest clothes as we can hardly afford to by clothes.  She will eat the best and most pricey foods while we have to find ways to afford the basics for nutrition. She considers herself to be the protected class, the celebrity that deserves to trappings of luxury while the rest live mundane meager lives.  Oh but the big government is there to help and save you from yourselves.  What a joke she is!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @ freedom loving AZ I was in the USSR in 1991 and the scene you just described is exactly how my Russian friends described things to me.

      1. jeannej1 says:

        @WesternFreePress You know Freedom Loving AZ I have been studying human behavior for a lot of years and it never ceases to amaze me how like minded people have the very same behavior traits. You can listen to certain people talk and in a very short time you can pretty well tell their point of views, you can check facts about people and in this case Sinema and Obama, and several big figure people have a plan, they will use this plan to destroy the United States as we know it. They use underhanded tricks, lies,force, every deception known to man ; they do this without a conscience, It’s like they can’t help themselves. Human life is not important to them. What I am saying I checked with facts, none of these people need to be governing this country, I am not perfect but I do know right from wrong.By the way these people also believe that a very few elite(Them) will control all the wealth of the world and it’s population.These are just a few. I am so glad we have people like you who sincerely care on our side, what brought you to Arizona from the USSR?@

  9. DanielDybowski says:

    what is a “prada socialist?”

  10. Anna says:

    Have you close minded conservatives ever heard of democratic socialism? I heard it’s working great for Scandinavia.

  11. Anna says:

    I would also like to mention that democratic socialism has never failed a country, but capitalism has.

New ad hits Sinema as "Prada socialist"