Things have gotten WORSE under Obama

| September 18 2012
Christopher Cook

In a previous post, we made the following statement:

Obama likes to blame every bit of our economic woes on his predecessor at 1600 Pennsylvania, but the hard reality is, many economics factors have grown worse under Obama. This is not just the case for the period during which we were still technically in recession. Many of the factors have continued to worsen since the supposed recovery began. That is not something we want four more years of.

Those are not just words written from a partisan standpoint, with a view to convincing others to vote against Obama in November. They are they, but they are much more. Those words are true, and the Census has data points to prove it:

The Census Bureau has published their annual poverty report and the news is really not good.

Here are the highlights, if you can call it that:

“Real median household income declined between 2010 and 2011, a second consecutive annual decline,” says the report. Meanwhile the poverty rate remains unchanged since 2010, and the number of uninsured declined.

As James Pethokoukis points out, this just isn’t a recovery in any meaningful sense of the word . “Typically, pretty soon after a recession ends, incomes should start rising. But that still isn’t happening this time around,” Pethokoukis writes.

It isn’t happening because this isn’t a proper recovery. It isn’t happening because Obama’s policies are preventing the normal recovery process from taking place. Our stagnating economy is not outside of Obama’s control . . . it is a direct consequence of Obama’s policies.