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4.2 Million Jobs Created – NOT

Posted: September 16, 2012 at 11:30 am   /   by

Dick McDonald

It makes my blood boil when anchors and pundits, especially conservative ones, let Democrats brag that that as of today Obama has created 4.2 million jobs. What a crock. How can he claim that when there are 1.9 million fewer people in the workforce than when he signed the stimulus bill? And why is it that there is the same pathetic percentage in the workforce today (63.5%) that Reagan inherited from Carter?

This month four times as many left the workforce as were hired and yet the Republicans and their spokesman let the 4.2 million lie go unchallenged. They mentioned the shrinkage but let the people believe the 4.2 million lie.

In a good economy the unemployment rate is 4%; in an average economy 6%.  That is the natural thing to happen as people leave their jobs for new ones, get fired or laid off, etc. We always have an unemployed float of people. Most of the 4.2 million jobs created were jobs that employers were just replacing someone who left, retired or was fired or let go. Those aren’t new jobs.

Obama didn’t create 4.2 million jobs as Debbie Wasserman Schultz is proud of saying he shrunk the workforce by 1.9 million.

It is actually worse than that.  We need to add at least 125,000 new jobs a month just to keep pace with the population growth.  That means to just stay even Obama had to add 5.5 jobs to the workforce (44 month times 125,000). He shrunk it by 1.9 million jobs so his record is tragic and no one knows how tragic it is because Republicans are asleep at the switch.

If Republicans don’t start telling the facts to the people Romney will be as vulnerable as their last candidate who refused to tell the blinding truth in favor of retaining his spot in Washington’s social circles and in front of the TV cameras.

Now we have a candidate that promoted universal health care in Massachusetts and he is vulnerable – we need to get him on the edge and in fighting form – letting the 4.2 million lie percolate in the minds of the uninformed electorate is inexcusable.  We need to make his left hook lethal.

4.2 Million Jobs Created – NOT