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Mr. President: It’s time to show up for work

Posted: September 14, 2012 at 2:30 pm   /   by

This one’ll leave a mark:

Over the last week, we’ve learned:

  • President Obama misses more than half of his daily intelligence briefings, and has missed more than 60% of them in the last two years.
  • President Obama snubbed Israeli Prime Netanyahu over a request for an emergency meeting on Iran’s nuclear capability – in favor of a celebrity fundraiser and appearance on David Letterman.
  • President Obama attended a campaign event in Nevada the same day it was learned America’s ambassador to Libya was brutally murdered – the first such murder since 1979 – and extremists stormed two key embassies in the Middle East.

If President Obama is going to boast about his foreign policy prowess, then he needs to show up for work on the critical issues, even when it interferes with his campaigning, celebrity appearances and golf game.