The Quality Education and Jobs Act – The Trojan Horse that is Arizona Proposition 204

| September 12 2012

Proposition 204 is Trojan Horse, an everyday bait and switch scheme of special interests. Prop 204 is a ballot initiative aimed at increasing education funding while hiding a grab bag of scattershot spending to appease special interests.

Labeled the Quality Education and Jobs Initiative, Proposition 204 sends billions to the education bureaucracy. It also provides millions for program such as health services and infrastructure that should be treated as separate issues.

The Proposition 204 scheme leaves voters hopelessly confused, unable to wade through the complex spending programs while thinking they are voting for increased funding for students and teachers.

It is like reading an ad for a product on sale, showing up at the store, and having an enthusiastic salesperson say the store is fresh out of the advertised product and offering a higher priced substitute. That is deception and trickery.

Proposition 204 would provide at least $1 billion a year for mandated spending through a permanent one cent increase in the state’s sales tax rate. The key word here is permanent. Moreover, the funds are walled off from any input from state legislators elected to monitor and spend the taxpayers’ money.

The proposition provides for a wide range of education spending from K-12 through community colleges and universities. But then it pads the payroll with millions for road building and public transit plus health and human services programs.

Like all consumer protection programs that warn against bait and switch schemes, the warning should go out to all voters before they cast their ballot on Proposition 204: Buyer Beware.

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