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The appalling greed of Chicago teachers

Posted: September 10, 2012 at 9:30 am   /   by

On the subject of the massive walkout of Chicago schoolteachers, the links at the top of the DrudgeReport today are highly instructive:

Turn Down $400 Million Deal, 16% Pay Raise…
Have Highest Average Salary In Nation…
Average $76,000 per year before benefits…

That they would reject any pay raises in this economy, especially “raises [that] could not be rescinded for lack of funds,” is simply shameful, especially given that Chicago Public School teachers already “have the highest average salary of any city in the nation.” How dare they?

John Fund says it simply, and well:

Chicago teachers have the highest average salary of any city at $76,000 a year before benefits. The average family in the city only earns $47,000 a year. Yet the teachers rejected a 16 percent salary increase over four years at a time when most families are not getting any raises or are looking for work.

Illinois homeowners, whether they have children or not, and no matter how much they earn, will be working into their 70s to pay for the wages and benefits of Chicago teachers who earn 76K and will retire in their 50s with massive pensions. That is not right. Forget, for the moment, that it is not an economically sustainable situation. It is also morally wrong.

Stop allowing Democrats and teachers’ union supporters to silence you by saying that “it’s for the children.” It’s not. This is greed, plain and simple.