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Steelworker Featured at DNC Didn’t Work for Bain

Posted: September 9, 2012 at 8:15 am   /   by

How do the Democrats get away with this stuff?

The Democratic National Convention on Wednesday featured three speakers billed as “former employees of companies controlled by Bain Capital.”

They each told compelling stories about jobs lost, allegedly because of the actions of Bain under Romney’s leadership.
But it turns out one of those employees never actually worked for a company controlled by Bain Capital.

Two guesses who he actually was, and the second one doesn’t count:

But Foster, according to a former spokesman for GST Steel, never actually worked for the company.

“David Foster was never an employee of GST Steel’s Kansas City plant. He was employed by the United Steelworkers of America as their regional union director to represent GST Steel, but was not employed at our facility,” according to BC Huselton, who was head of HR at GST.

Instead, Foster was a union organizer, who negotiated for workers that did work for the company.

I am shocked, SHOCKED that a union organizer would be willing to pretend he was something he wasn’t in order to shill for Democrats. And that the Democrats would use the lie to benefit them? Scandalous.

Except that scandals on the Democrats’ side have a way of getting dramatically under-reported in almost every case.

How about something of the real story of GST?