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Bill Whittle: Why the Paul Ryan Nomination Is a Very Big Thing

Posted: August 30, 2012 at 4:30 pm   /   by

Bill Whittle is one of Conservatism’s finest thinkers and speakers.  He mixes stories, history, and common-sense wisdom with an infectious enthusiasm that I always find uplifting.

This post contains a 10-minute segment from his Stratosphere Lounge series (Episode 12) in which he holds forth on the far-reaching significance of Paul Ryan’s presence on the Republican ticket.

Among his comments:

1. The only thing that can actually destroy America is the debt crisis.  It will happen unless we get spending and debt under control.

2. Ryan has a plan to get us to fiscal sanity.  Almost no one else does.

3. From a Conservative standpoint, the choice of Ryan by Mitt Romney says something very positive about  Romney.

4. Ryan’s presence on a winning ticket will unleash pent-up business formation energy like a coiled spring being released.

5. The Left’s attacks on Ryan are failing horribly not because of clever Establishment Republican strategy but because of Ryan himself.

6. After the conventions and the debates, the wheels are going to come off the Democrat campaign.  Stay tuned.