Artur Davis Delivers the Speech Every Democrat Should Hear

| August 29 2012
David Leeper

Artur Davis is a former Democrat Congressman from Alabama.  He is the former National Co-Chair of Obama’s 2008 campaign.  He is the man who seconded Barack Obama’s nomination at the 2008 Democrat Convention.

And he is now a Republican.

Why?  Why did he change parties?  What is he doing?

At the Republican Convention on August 28, in a surgically precise speech with many memorable lines, it took him only 9 minutes to both explain and inspire.

Every Democrat who still thinks for himself/herself should hear this speech.


I hope that this is a sigh that, that someday soon we will all just be Americans. No hyphens no two word labels, just AMERICANS... It is time to drop the labels and come together to set this country on the right path...NO more lies from the progressives Commies or politician's, left or right, ignore the whacked out fringes with their stupid demands and people have to STOP looking for hand out. Realize that the family is and always has been the key to promoting stability with all its personal problem's and drawbacks. Life is not a bowl of cherries as many have wanted, it's life and as a species we had better learn to deal with the many challenges we face.


 Just saying....


Guess what? Davis is getting vilified by members of his former colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus. I admire Davis for the courage of his convictions and embracing the party that more aligns with his values and vision for the country. What a contrast to Charlie Crist, who as former Repubican governor of Florida ran for the US Senate as an unknown Marco Rubio and was defeated in the GOP primary. He then ran on the General ballot as an Independent and lost again. Now he's endorsing Obama and speaking at the Democrat Convention, hoping to further his personal "fortunes" with a position in Obama's administration. Just looking out for No. 1, huh, Charlie?