When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Crony

| August 27 2012
David Leeper

With crushing debt piling up on our children and grandchildren, becoming a “crony” is starting to look more attractive than becoming an over-taxed, over-regulated, college-loan-indebted doctor, engineer, or architect.  In less than 2 minutes, the Crony Chronicles video below makes that point in a clever way, as voiced by children.

Baby Boomers may remember the 1950’s-60’s Mickey Mouse Club Newsreels that began with the booming deep-voice announcement:

This show is dedicated to you — the leaders of the 21st Century! 

Crony Chronicles might do well to introduce this video with the announcement:

This video is dedicated to our kids, the future victims of 21st-Century Progressivism!

See more from the makers of this video at CronyChronicles.org

Here’s another video, just 40 seconds long, making a similar point from Florida Congressional Candidate Mark Oxner:

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