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EXCLUSIVE: Western Free Press investigates Matt Salmon Obamacare claim

Posted: August 22, 2012 at 10:17 am   /   by

The Matt Salmon campaign is currently distributing an email attempting to discredit the claim that he lobbied for Obamacare.  Western Free Press conducted an investigation to learn more about the connection between Matt Salmon’s firm and prescription drug companies.  We went straight to the source, contacting one of his firm’s clients about the health care law.

The email from Salmon’s campaign says the following:

1) Matt Salmon has NEVER lobbied for the passage of ObamaCare, the expansion of ObamaCare, or supported ObamaCare in any way, shape or form.
2) Matt Salmon has NEVER lobbied for or against any legislation pertaining to ObamaCare.
3) Matt Salmon’s former business partner, John Haddow, was the consultant who represented Lundbeck and Millennium pharmaceutical companies
4) John Haddow actually lobbied AGAINST ObamaCare, NOT for the passage of it NOR for the expansion of it.

But are these things true?  Matt Salmon’s client, Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals, told a different story.

“We as a company have not taken an official position on the PPACA law but we worked toward ensuring that the provisions in the new law took into account the special needs of the orphan drug populations our therapies serve.”

It seems like the company has maintained a public image of ambivalence toward the unpopular healthcare law, but it pays to maintain a membership in PhRMA — an industry group that lobbied for the law’s passage.  As for the changes to the health care law advocated for by Matt Salmon and his coworkers, what were they?

Salmon’s email also contains a statement from Mike Eging, a former employee of Lundbeck Pharmaceutical company.  His statement says:

“John was tasked to assist in changing the onerous language pertaining to Section 340B, particularly as it applied to Orphan products.  Our team was successful in reversing the changes negotiated by the hospitals and the Obama administration.  Matt Salmon did not work on our account. Michael Eging”

All right, so it’s back to the lobbying disclosure forms that Matt Salmon’s firm, Policy Impact Communications, filed.  On a form where Matt Salmon is listed as an “individual who acted as a lobbyist in this issue area”:

HR 3200 — Access to and coverage of Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Removal of patient life time caps and special tiering of copayments.

Seems pretty clear what that means:  Matt Salmon was lobbying to expand what patients are entitled to under Obamacare.  His client’s drugs are expensive specialty pharmaceuticals, and so the law originally either didn’t mandate coverage of them or limited what insurance companies had to provide patients under the law.  The point of this was to create a guaranteed market for Lundbeck’s products.  Call it crony capitalism or corporate welfare, because that’s what it is.

As a side note, Matt Salmon is not listed on the disclosure forms for all of his firm’s clients.  This isn’t just a regulatory requirement or a quirk created by the paperwork format.  He is only listed on the paperwork for the clients that he actually assisted.  This is not something that can be brushed under the rug as a matter of convenience:  Matt Salmon lobbied to expand what Obamacare covers, increasing the cost of the law for taxpayers.  Period.

Hannah Thoreson

Hannah Thoreson is a science and technology writer based in northern Virginia. She earned a physics degree from Arizona State University in 2012 and has been causing trouble ever since.

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  1. GilbertWatch says:

    Let’s take this point by point.  Point #1.  The email in its entirety from Mike Eging stated that they did in fact reject ObamaCare.  However, their survival was at stake.  What if ObamaCare becomes law?  They had better defend themselves.  See the full email below:
    From: Mile Eging <> Date: Saturday, August 18, 2012 5:00 PM To: John M Haddow <> Subject: Consulting Work
    I was the head of the Washington office from 2009-2012 for Lundbeck Pharmaceutical company, which retained Policy Impact Communications and later Upstream Consulting in Washington, DC.  John Haddow was our consultant from this firm. His background in health care while serving as a staff member of the key health committee was the driving force in our retaining him.  Our first goal was to allow the health reform bill to fail but absent that we had to make a critical change.  John was tasked to assist in changing the onerous language pertaining to Section 340B, particularly as it applied to Orphan products.  Our team was successful in reversing the changes negotiated by the hospitals and the Obama administration.  
    Matt Salmon did not work on our account. Michael Eging
    I will address you next points in a subsequent comment.
    Anita Christy

    1. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

       Who to Believe
      Matt Salmon – who claims to never have done it yet let his firm report that he had
      John Haddow – who stands to gain significantly if Matt returns to DC
      Mike Eging – who no longer works for Lundbeck and has donated money to Salmon
      Anita Christy – who has been listed as a host committee member for Salmon
      or …..
      Lundbeck Pharamaceuticals public statement
      I’ll go with the company as they have nothing to gain by lying unlike the 4 above.

  2. GilbertWatch says:

    Point #2:  So, because Lundbeck and Takeda belong to PHRMa, this means those relatively small pharmaceutical companies support everything that PHRMa supports?  Is that your premise?  Belong to an association, all association members are in  lockstep in support of whatever they support?  Please note that in Point #1, which I addressed, Mike Eging who was the head of the Washington office of Lundbeck stated they did NOT support ObamaCare.  As a matter of survival, they removed onerous provisions that would have KILLED them, should ObamaCare become the law of the land.Well, Kirk Adams is a member of an association,  the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers PAC (IIAB PAC).  Not only that, but  in December 2008 and again in September of 2009, he donated to this organization . The IIAB PAC donated to ObamaCare supporters like Barney Frank, Kirsten Gillibrand, Luis Guttierez, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. 

    So, according to your logic, Kirk Adams supports ALL of these Leftists, including their ABORTION RIGHTS agenda? 

    1. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

       Another bad attempt to change the subject and not prove your point.
      1 – Takeda is the 13th largest pharmaceutical company a year with over $24billion in sales.  bigger than Bayer
      2 – Not a SINGLE PhRMA member company came out against Obamacare. And per this well researched article, Lundbeck specifically says they just wanted their drugs covered
      3 – All PhRMA companies gained by the expansion of their customer set and the removal of life caps
      4 – PhRMA spent $150 M to campaign in support of Obamacare
      5 – Lundbeck and Takeda pay dues into PhRMA
      6 – neither company is on record as against Obamacare
      7 – Matt has over $24k from the health care industry in donations (though i forgot to look to see how much more money he brought in from them since the Adams campaign has been promoting all the hard work Matt did for them)

  3. GilbertWatch says:

    Point #3:  Matt Salmon’s name appears on the disclosure forms.  Yep.  That’s correct.  ALL of his business partners’ names appear on ALL of the disclosure forms…..whether they lobbied ON some provision (not FOR) that particular item or not.  There are several issues with this:  First, both PIC and Upstream are considered small, boutique lobbying firms.  Their attorney, as a matter of disclosure, recommended that ALL of the principals’ names be listed.  A careful observer will notice that John Haddow’s name appears as the CONTACT on all items relating to health care. His name is listed FIRST on any of the health care related issues.  That’s because he is the only subject matter expert on issues relating to health care. 
    To contrast, Matt Salmon’s name is listed as the CONTACT, and his name appears first on the list of names, for Surefire, LLC.  He did in fact lobby on behalf of this company.  Surefire manufactures body armor for U.S. soldiers fighting in the Mideast.
    It does not pass the COMMON SENSE test that ALL of the firm’s lobbyists are ALL subject matter experts in ALL areas.  No more so than all attorneys in a law practice are subject matter experts in all areas.  And no more so than all Gilbert Council Members are subject matter experts in all areas. 

    1. hannah_in_az says:

       @GilbertWatch I went to the website and dug up the disclosure forms.  This sounds like a lot of excuses.  He isn’t on the forms for Prudential.

      1. JHaddow1 says:

         @hannah_in_az  Hannah, it appears as  I read this that you are an Adams supporter.  Good for you, that is your choice.  Why not call me and get the facts.  My phone number is listed above.  I am more than happy to discuss this in a civil manner. 

    2. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

       Swing and miss #3
      As Hannah_in_az pointed out, your claim is utterly false
      Even better – Matt remained with Upstream Consulting through at least April of 2012…But his name wasn’t listed on a single federal contract starting in Q4 of 2011. So the falicy of this line of arguement is clear.
      Now go run back to the Salmon campaing or Haddow for your next line of faulty reasoning.

  4. EastValleyPolitics says:

    Matt Lobbies on Obamacare:
    Upon joining PIC, Matt Salmon was assigned to most of the existing clientele including Millennium: Takeda Oncology.  Millennium paid PIC $10K a month for lobbying on a variety of issues including heath care reform.  The first reference that PIC was hired to lobby on Obamacare can be found in PIC’s 2009 second quarter lobbying disclosure report.  In the “Specific Lobbying Issues” section, the disclosure listed “The Affordable Health Choices Act”.  This is the written title for house bill number HR 3200 – which was the foundation of Obamacare. 
    PIC’s lobbying disclosures continued to list their lobbying efforts on “The Affordable Health Choices Act” in each of the e following quarters.  In May of 2010, the contract between PIC and Millennium ended.   In sum, during the Obamacare debate, PIC received $120K to lobby on federal issues including Obamacare.
    In June of 2009, Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals signed a new lobbying contract with PIC.  Matt Salmon was named one of the four lobbyists on the contract.  PIC was paid $10K a month to lobby on health care reform, importation and Medicare issues. 
    From July of 2009 through June of 2010, according to PIC’s lobbying disclosures, they were hired by Lundbeck to lobby on Obamacare.  In the “Specific Lobbying Issues” section in each quarter, PIC listed they were hired to lobby on “HR 3200 – Access to and coverage of Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Removal of patient life caps and special tiering of copayments.” 
    In June of 2010, the contract between PIC and Lundbeck ended.   In sum, during the Obamacare debate, PIC received $120K to lobby on federal issues including Obamacare.
    Upon completion of their contracts with PIC, both Millennium and Lundbeck signed new contracts with Matt Salmon’s firm Upstream Consulting.   Each firm continued to pay $10k a month to have Upstream consulting on health care issues and specifically, “issues related to the implementation of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act,” – also known as HR 3590 or Obamacare.  Both Millennium and Lundbeck remain clients of Upstream to this day. 
    GilbertWatch…The fact of the matter is Matt made money as the Executive Vice President of PIC and as a sole managing partner for Upstream Consulting. Either way he profited from Lobbying to expand ObamaCare. Your excuses are simply that, EXCUSES.

    1. JHaddow1 says:

       @EastValleyPolitics You need to get you fact straight.  First, both firms have retained me for $8500 per month and just recently Lundbeck pulled back from their Washington presence and dropped my firm.  They are a Danish company and have grown disgusted with the Obama plan.  Second, I have always been the managing partner at Upstream from day one.  Not that it matters but is agains shows your sloppy coverage.

    2. JHaddow1 says:

       @EastValleyPoliticsYou need to get your facts straight.  First, both firms have retained me for $8500 per month and just recently Lundbeck pulled back from their Washington presence and dropped my firm.  They are a Danish company and have grown disgusted with the Obama plan.  Second, I have always been the managing partner at Upstream from day one.  Not that it matters but is agains shows your sloppy coverage.

  5. GilbertWatch says:

    As long as East Valley Politics lies, I will continue pointing it out.  First sentence is a LIE.  Matt Salmon was never assigned to Takeda nor to Lundbeck.  Why?  Because he did NOT have the technical background in ORPHAN DRUGS.  Good grief.  I feel like Dr. Doolittle talking to the animals.  DO-YOU-NOT-UNDERSTAND-THE-TRUTH????  Guess not.  John Haddow was retained by Takeda and Lundbeck (2007/2009).  Most of their products have what is known as an Orphan Drug designation.  Do you understand the term ORPHAN DRUG?  It means (please pay attention..this is really tricky) they treat a population base of no more than 200,000 people.  These are drugs that treat RARE DISEASES.  These are not FREE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS.  So the hospitals wanted to get their hands on those drugs at cut rates.  Wonderful!  Takeda and Lundbeck would have no more incentive to MANUFACTURE ORPHAN DRUGS.  For people with rare forms of cancer, hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, auto immune disorders…..  SUCH SMALL SACRIFICES.   LETS REMOVE CAPS!!!   LET’S RESTRICT ACCESS!!!.  All the rest of your post is a LIE about Matt Salmon AND about what John Haddow worked to do PROTECTING his clients Takeda and Lundbeck.  According to John Haddow, “Wth respect to legislation now known as ObamaCare we discovered that the hospitals had cut a deal with the Administration to expand the program known as 340B to both the number of hospitals eligible and to include Orphan Drugs.  This would have been an unprecedented EXPANSION of this program.  Our efforts were concentrated on STOPPING THAT EXPANSION because it would have been harmful to both the client and the patient groups they serve.  The beneficiary of that expansion would have been the hospitals and their bottom lines.  Both the Administration and the hospitals fought to retain this provision, but we were successful in amending the language to retun to the status quo and NOT EXPAND the program.  I would also point out they are once again attempting to expand this program.”

    1. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

       spin, spin, spin on your first three tries. Now pull on the heart strings.  Pick a line of reasoning and stick with it please.
      The quote from Lundbeck is clear – they wanted their drugs covered. Which they profit from – which means you’d want the bill to pass.
      AND DON’T FORGET LIFE CAPS – the removal of life caps ensure not only do these companies get paid, but instead they get paid for a lifetime of treatments.
      Yeah, sounds like they’d really be against having their drugs covered and have payments ensured FOR THE LIFETIME of a patient.
      Yep – let’s spend $200k to lobby agains that

  6. JHaddow1 says:

    My name is John Haddow.  I was Matt’s partner while at both Policy Impact and Upstream Consulting.  I had both Lundbeck and Millennium as clients before Matt joined the firm.  As a small firm it was customary to list all the lobbyists on the forms, more as a form of protection from the very onerous reporting requirements and penalties that are now in place.  You err on the side of safety.
    With respect to those two clients I was the only person in the firm that met with these two clients and had the technical background to understand the issues before them.  I have repeatedly stated that Matt Salmon did not lobby on these clients behalf and that in fact we did not support ObamaCare since it was harmful to almost all small pharmaceutical companies.  We did vigorously engage to ensure that the treatment of Orphan products in the bill was corrected to ensure that patients using these products would have continue access to them to keep their quality of life at the level they currently enjoy.
    There are some clients that Matt was working for that I was listed for but in fact did no work on as well.  
    The major health insurance companies all cut a deal with the Obama administration to support the bill.  They did this because the most crucial part of the bill, the mandate to buy insurance, was in their interests.  Kirk Adams and his family insurance company sells health insurance policies.  Should we now say that Kirk Adams was supporting ObamaCare since his insurance company and the companies they write policies for would benefit?  That is the leap of logic that Kirk wants you to take with Matt Salmon but ignore with him.
    I have advised the Adams campaign that Matt Salmon did no work for these clients and the head of their government relations office has also stated that they retained me and not Matt Salmon.  Integrity is a key element in a member of Congress’ character.  Given that Matt Salmon has always been a man that kept his word, even leaving Congress on his word, to now question that integrity in an effort to smear him and win a campaign is beneath Mr. Adams and he knows it.  Parenthetically, did not Mr. Adams commit to serve his term in the State Legislature and then abandon that commitment when he thought a higher office might be available?
    I am more than willing to discuss this issue with anyone that has a question, including the Adams campaign (I have offered this to them in the past) and can be reached on my office phone at 202-684-7157.   If I am not there my assistant will connect you to me. Honesty and integrity are important in any election and now is the time to get the fact and know who is being honest and who is manipulating the facts just to win a seat in Congress.  

  7. Make Me says:

    Adams is an insurance salesman? Does that mean he represents Progressive Auto Insurance?   I hear the founder is a big marijuana fan and donated about $200,000 to make “medical” marijuana legal in Arizona.  The Progressive founder is progressive in more ways than one with his millions in donations to the ACLU and   It looks like Adams’ insurance also sells Mexico car insurance.  Is that why he’s so soft on the border?  He can personally profit from a more open/free flowing border?  

    1. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

       @Make Me
       So now we’re attacking insurance companies?  This is a weak minded arguement meant to stir the conversation away from Matt’s record

      1. JHaddow1 says:

         @Make Me It is no more silly than what others are attacking Matt Salmon for.  Everyone can look at the candidates and make a decision on who they want to support.  Truth is only about 8 people are actually reading this so it does not amount to a hill of beans.

        1. EastValleyPolitics says:

           @JHaddow1  So why are you here wasting your precious lobbying time then?

  8. EastValleyPolitics says:

    @GilbertWatch…My aren’t you condescending. Your facts are not black and white and you are using quotes from friends of Matt as your cannon fodder. Black and white is where the truth is and you are not using any black and white in your defense of Salmon.Common sense is also a good defense but you don’t seem to be using much of that either.
    Let’s ask a common sense question:
    Is it true that Matt’s name was on the form, but only because thats what lobbying firms do, they list everyone in the firm, even if they did not lobby?
    1)  No.  If this were true then you would expect to see Matt’s name on EVERY disclosure form for every client of his firm.  In fact, this is not the case as Matt’s firm listed eight different combinations of employees on disclosure forms over their 20 federal lobbying clients during that period of time.  Matt Salmon’s name is not listed on every disclosure form for their other federal clients.
    2)  Federal law does not provide for including names on the disclosure form when those names did not actually lobby.  That would defeat the purpose of the law passed in 1996 and supported by Matt Salmon. Congress intended to bring transparency to lobbying, so we could see who was lobbying and for whom. Including everyone in the firm defeats the purpose of disclosure.
    This information is just “out there” and not much research has to be done to find it.
    And what about all of the other good reasons to NOT vote for Salmon? A TRUE conservative who does not profit from the leftist agenda would not have done the following.
    Donate to Democrats who support partial birth abortion.
    Raise money for about 40 different Democrats while while CEO for Comptel.
    Salmon was a resident of Virginia until renting a house here in Arizona the day before filing to run for Congress in AZ.
    Support green energy by funding it through legislation and personal lobbying efforts.
    Support UNIONS.
    Lobby’s for Stimulus money from Washington for “Pet Projects”.
    Voted AGAINST English proficiency requirements for immigrants.
    And the list could go on and on.
    So Anita, just because you and your almighty blog has the gumption to call someone a liar doesn’t mean it is true. You and your blog seem to be full of hate and ridicule for others and frankly it doesn’t carry much clout except in certain small circles. Of course you think otherwise.
    Now don’t get me wrong folks, Matt is a very nice man and I have met him personally. In fact I supported him during his run for Governor here in AZ. But he can’t do the things he has done over the last 10-12 years and get away with claiming he is a solid conservative and that he should be the one representing us in Washington. Based on his record I Can’t trust that he will watch over my conservative interests.

    1. JHaddow1 says:

       @EastValleyPolitics I guess you are not interested in the facts because you have not called me.  
      “Salmon was a resident of Virginia until renting a house here in Arizona the day before filing to run for Congress in AZ.”
      Matt Salmon lives in the same house he lived in before he resided for a short time in Virginia.  He owned that home before and owns it today.  So how was he renting a home or did you just make that up as you make up other stuff?  Be honest!  Surely you are not that desperate.
      Support UNIONS”
      Where did that come from?  When has he supported unions?  Matt is a strong right to work advocate and always has been.  
      “Raise money for about 40 different Democrats while while CEO for Comptel.”
      I would doubt that and I could point to insurance companies that Kirk works for (sells policies) that are strong supporters of Democrats.  Does that make Kirk a supporter of Democrats?  When a political action committee makes a donation it is done by the PAC committee and not one person.  Surely you understand how this works.
      The bottom line is you are not interested in facts just spewing out misinformation which is like throwing mud at a wall hoping some of it will stick.  I have to think that honesty has left the building when it comes to Kirk Adams and his supporters.  That is the saddest commentary someone can make about you.  

      1. EastValleyPolitics says:

         @JHaddow1 Why would I call you. I already know what you are going to say.
        Unions – Matt Salmon cosponsored H.R. 1093 (Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 1999). This act mandates collective bargaining rights for public safety officers employed by States or local governments.
        Donated Money to Democrats: This can all be verified with FEC reports.
        Personal funds
        Ed Pastor
        Joe Baca
        As CEO of Comptel
        Anna Eshoo
        Byron Dorgan
        Mike Doyle
        Jay Inslee
        Ed Markey
        Frederick Boucher
        Bill Nelson
        Bart Stupak
        Hilda Solis
        Henry Waxman
        Jay Rockefeller
        As CEO and PAC Treasurer
        Daniel Maffei
        Ed Pastor
        Henry Waxman
        Laura Richardson
        Ed Markley
        He still was a resident in Virginia up until just before moving back to AZ to run for Congress.
        As you can see I am VERY interested in facts. You don’t seem to have any to share though. You just want a phone call so you can say the same things you are saying here.
        Honesty has not left the building sir. As I said before this is all black and white and can be supported with documentation. Can’t get that from a phone call.

        1. JHaddow1 says:

           @EastValleyPolitics  Obviously you have a closed mind on these issues.  Lets look at them to show you how much you know about FACTS.
          1.  Matt left Virginia because our partner in Upstream, Mitch Menlove, passed away suddenly at the age of 37.  Matt went back to Phoenix to run our office there.  He had no intention of running for Congress at the time and only considered it when Kyl retired and Flake announced for the Senate.  Matt was approached by mayors in the district and urged to run.  How many of the mayors in the district have endorsed Matt?  Post that number as a fact, OK.
          2.  What insurance companies does the Adams Agency write policies for?  Want to be on whether they have donated to Democrats?  Give me the companies and I will provide you a list of Democrats.  Bet you don’t provide that list.  Point is Matt was new to COMPTEL and new to the PAC board, which made those decisions.  The one thing I noticed on that list of Democrats is they are all critical to the communications industry so it would not be unusual for an association of companies to support them.  Do you understand how PACs work?  They are not for your individual political views but for what helps the industry. 
          3.  Do you now admit that Matt did not rent a home and has always owned a home in Mesa?  Wasn’t that a “FACT” of yours?
          4.  Here is the kicker.  I am willing to pay for a polygraph for Matt and they can ask him if we lobbied for either ObamaCare or the two clients in question.  When he passes that by stating that he never did will all you then admit that you were making this up from whole cloth and should have known better?  Take me up on it and I will arrange for it immediately.  
          5.  In all honesty why is it that everyone involved with the two clients in question have made it clear that they hired me and not Matt Salmon but you still insist that everyone is lying?  I will attribute this to your youth and as you get a little more experience in life you will come to understand that people in business will not uniformly lie about something like this.  

        2. EastValleyPolitics says:

           @JHaddow1 What does Kirk Adams have to do with any of this? Kirk is not the CEO of any of the insurance companies that may or may not have donated to Dems. Matt was! Your point is not relevant.
          I do know what a PAC is, I have formed them before and whether or not Matt was “new” to Comptel doesn’t excuse him from being responsible for the companies actions.
          Ok, so Matt owned the home he moved into. Why did he put “rental” on the papers to file for his campaign? Small item anyway and you seem to want to rehash it. There are MUCH bigger issues here.
          A POLYGRAPH test??? Really? You can easily offer that since you know it wont actually happen. That is an ancient cliche and I think it’s funny that you offered it.
          Thank you for attributing this to my youth, as you put it. However you have no idea how old I am or what life experience I have so it would be best for you to not assume anything more than you already are. I am referring to your assumption that people are stupid and can’t see facts right in front of them.

        3. EastValleyPolitics says:

           @JHaddow1 You never addressed the FACT I mentioned earlier that Matt donated PERSONAL funds to two left wing Dems who voted for things like partial birth abortion. This is also supported in black and white with FEC reports.

        4. JHaddow1 says:

           @EastValleyPolitics  He donated to Joe Baca who is a moderate Democrat who gets challenged by liberal Dems every election.  Joe is pro NRA and pro business.  I asked him to help Joe.  I do every election.  I am not, nor will I ever be, a person blinded by party affiliation.  If you are then you are short sighted.  
          I know that you worked as an Intern at ASU in the space area.  I know you were a physics major so good for you.  I looked at your photo and surmise you are under 35 which is young to me.  
          As far as COMPTEL goes I have to assume you don’t know much about associations.  The member companies make the decisions not the employees.  And since the health insurance companies ALL supported ObamaCare why didn’t Kirk and the Adams Agency refuse to sell their policies?  Because it is business.  I don’t fault him for it.  Take off your political blinders and grow up.  

        5. EastValleyPolitics says:

           @JHaddow1 I wonder where you are getting your information John. I never went to ASU and there is not a photo of me.Who don’t know anything about me.
          Joe Baca voted NO on banning partial birth abortion. The NRA and business are mute issues when compared to someone supporting PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION.

        6. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

           @JHaddow1  @EastValleyPolitics
           Matt’s records show he voted in Virginia in the Nov 10 elections.  So when exactly are you claiming he moved?  Mitch passed in unfortunately in June.
          Regardless – either he moved like you said and didn’t reregister to vote like the law requires OR he moved within a month or max 2 of his announcement which I believe was in Feb of 2011
          As for believing you – why would I when you said these companies were against obamacare but Lundbeck said they held no official position.  Sounds like you’re getting confused on your own fact

  9. EastValleyPolitics says:

    By the way… According to John Haddow still works with Matt at Upstream Consulting. It would be a HUGE benefit to Haddow if Matt Salmon was a Congressman. Can you imagine the contacts they would gain and the old ones they would renew if Matt was back in Washington? Cha-Ching $$$$$.
    Another Partner at the firm Michael Haener was deputy chief of staff for former Arizona Gov. and now Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.
    Hmmm….. It seems Matt is still playing both sides for profit.

    1. JHaddow1 says:

       @EastValleyPolitics Click the site and see if Matt Salmon is listed on our firm’s site.  I own Upstream Consulting by myself.  Matt divested himself of the firm last year when he began running.  Matt’s name was removed last year.  More disingenuous information.
      Mike Haener is a valuable member of our team.  Are you suggesting that someone’s political affiliation should render them ineligible to be hired.  I also have Yardly Pollas on my team and she was a counsel to Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL).  She is a talented lawyer and a great addition to the team.  
      You obviously believe that people are inherently dishonest and I can only believe it is because this is the attributes you would have yourself.   

      1. EastValleyPolitics says:

         @JHaddow1 John… now you are showing for a fact that you think people are stupid. So what if Salmon took his name off of the company. He was still there when all this was happening. That would be like running someone over with a Chevrolet and then trading it in for a Ford and saying you had nothing to do with running the person over.
        I mentioned that Mike Haener works with Upstream to demonstrate the fact that Matt has associations and works closely with Democrats and liberal issues. This directly correlates with the problematic issue of Matt Salmon wanting to be my Congressman as a whole.
        Or is this all about Matt “Just doing his job”?

        1. JHaddow1 says:

           @EastValleyPolitics Are you saying that anyone that associates withe Democrats is incapable of doing their job?  John McCain has endorse Kirk and he works with Democrats all the time.  Why didn’t Kirk denounce him, or you for that matter.  You really have no idea how the real world works.   Stay on the Internet where you can live in a fantasy world.

        2. EastValleyPolitics says:

           @JHaddow1 Now you are starting to act like a Democrat. Here come the meaningless accusations and childish rhetoric.
          Again, you have not backed up anything you have said with any facts and have only offered a lie detector test as your defense. 

        3. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

           @EastValleyPolitics  @JHaddow1
           Psssttt…Hey EVP…did you know that Matt is still listed as the owner of Upstream according to the companies filing with the state???
          He doesn’t show as lobybing after 4/10/2012 but he still owns the company, with his wife.
          And I have to assume that Mr. Haddow is a minority owner as you must be listed with the corp commission if you own 20% or more of the company. 
          Of course Matt’s wife Nancy is an active lobbyist now…
          so the family is still raking in the dough

        4. JHaddow1 says:

           @EastValleyPolitics  I own Upstream 100%.  Nobody else has an ownership stake.  Where are you guys getting this misinformation.  The company is registered in Virginia. 

        5. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

           @EastValleyPolitics  @JHaddow1
           Psssttt…Hey EVP…did you know that Matt is still listed as the owner of Upstream according to the companies filing with the state???
          He doesn’t show as lobybing after 4/10/2012 but he still owns the company, with his wife.
          And I have to assume that Mr. Haddow is a minority owner as you must be listed with the corp commission if you own 20% or more of the company. 
          Of course Matt’s wife Nancy is an active lobbyist now…
          so the family is still raking in the dough

      2. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

         @JHaddow1  @EastValleyPolitics
         Hey John,
        Simple question – Did Matt Salmon profit in any way, shape or form as the owner of the company for your claim as the sole worker on for the pharmaceutical companies?

        1. JHaddow1 says:

           @EastValleyPolitics Again, I now own 100% of Upstream.  Matt and I formed the company in June of 2010 with 50% each.  When he announced he was running I bought his shares.  
          I was the lobbyist for both Millennium and Lundbeck.  I was paid according to the business I brought to the firm.  Matt had other clients, mostly Arizona based.  He was paid for those clients.  That is the way this business works.  
          Upstream Consulting, Inc is a registered company with the State of Virginia.

        2. EastValleyPolitics says:

           @JHaddow1  It is actually registered here in Arizona.

          But maybe this is an illusion.

        3. JHaddow1 says:

           @EastValleyPolitics  I had said I would no longer comment here but your’s was a factual question so I decided to look into it.  Matt Salmon did own a firm using the Upstream name in 2003-05 and it was registered in Arizona.  He and Mitch Menlove operated the firm.  They closed the firm and it is no longer active.
          The Upstream Consulting firm that everyone is talking about was incorporated in Virginia in 2010.  At that time Matt Salmon and I each owned 50%.  When Matt decided to run for the House I took over as 100% owner.  Those are the facts.
          What amazes me about this entire discussion is the lack of civility that seems to be occurring in this race.  If Kirk Adams told me that he did not do something I would take him at his word because I assume he is an honest man.  I have repeatedly stated that Matt did not lobby on behalf of these two clients, and others have corroborated this information.  Yet in the Adams campaign they continue to call everyone liars.  Both are conservative Republicans who differ very little on the issues.  This anger does no one any good.  I have tried to be civil in this discussion and have been repeatedly told that I was not telling the truth.  
          I am a graduate of BYU and a member of the LDS faith.  I take the issue of honesty very seriously.  
          I wish you all well next Tuesday and hope that once the primary is over we can all support the winner to go to Congress and help resolve the problems facing this nation.  This will be my final comment on this site.

  10. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

    John Haddow – you claim you were the sole lobbyist for the two pharmaceutical companies.
    Answer this very simple question – As owner of the company, did Matt Salmon receive any compensation, profite sharing, bonuses, etc… for the work you did with these two companies

    1. JHaddow1 says:

      Again, this will be my last comment here.  There are only six people paying any attention to this discussion so it is not worth my time.  I will be in Phoenix next Monday if you want to have a face to face discussion, I am more than willing.  Let me know.
      Here is the real issue.  If Matt were to lose this race (don’t think he will) then he will immediately back Kirk and urge his supporters to do so as well.  How about you guys?  Then we will see who the Republicans really are.  LOL

      1. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

         Very simple question, why are you ducking it?

        1. Gilbert Watch is a joke says:

           Wait, I know why.  You can’t truthfully answer without admitting that Matt as your partner profited off the work you did.
          So just as the ABC news 15 fact checked said, “Profited yes”…

  11. JohnVA says:

    Here is the real response to this gibberish.  Matt Salmon never lobbied for Obamacare, never lobbied on behalf of the two companies in question (they both opposed the law) and now the people of the Arizona 5th Congressional District have spoken and the election is over.  Matt Salmon won the race.  Now is the time for all Republicans to get behind Matt and help him go back to Washington to repeal ObamaCare.  

EXCLUSIVE: Western Free Press investigates Matt Salmon Obamacare claim