Most transparent Administration in history leaves no papertrail

| August 17 2012
Hannah Thoreson

This morning Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod claimed that Mitt Romney has a “penchant for secrecy” because he continues to refuse to release his tax returns.


  • A worker at the Department of the Interior responsible for ensuring that scientific integrity is upheld during certain DoI actions has been canned amid dodgy circumstances.

When he raised those concerns to then-DOI press secretary Adam Fetcher, Houser says he was told that he should not write anything about them in any electronic correspondence. “He wanted a hard copy, no email,” says Houser, in order to avoid creating any internal correspondence that could be subject to a Freedom of Information Act request. (Fetcher is now the deputy national press secretary for Obama’s reelection campaign.) Houser says his boss, who was out of the office during the initial exchange, also chastised him for emailing other scientists working on Klamath regarding the release. “I was told that the secretary of interior wants to remove the dams, so my actions weren’t helpful,” says Houser.

But apparently, it’s more important that Mitt Romney has been secretive about his private life and finances than it is that the federal government under President Obama has totally lacked transparency.