Newt Gingrich contemplates hosting TV show

| August 14 2012
Hannah Thoreson

Now that Newt’s career in attempting to seek elected office appears to be over, he is considering turning a new page:  hosting a TV show with his wife Callista.

From NPR:

“We’re kind of intrigued with the idea of doing a daily show, which would change our lives pretty dramatically,” Gingrich said. “But if we do it, we want it to be closer to Regis and Kathie Lee than to Bill O’Reilly or Hardball.”

This wouldn’t be the Gingrichs’ first foray into this type of work.  Gingrich Productions is already a functioning entity that has produced numerous documentary films.  Most of them have been about politics or religion.  They include A City Upon A HillAmerica at RiskNine Days That Changed The WorldRonald Reagan: Rendezvous with DestinyRediscovering God in AmericaRediscovering God in America II: Our Heritage, and We Have the Power.

It’s not too difficult to imagine what the content of a Newt Gingrich daytime talk show would be.  No doubt he would spend a lot of time discussing subjects where he’s seen as an expert:  health care reform, American history, space policy, and religion.  We’d probably see a lot of zoo animals.

This could be a good way for Newt Gingrich to end his career as a respected voice on the right.  Similar to former candidates Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin, he could remain relevant to the discussion by hitting the airwaves.  There’s little question that Newt Gingrich would make an entertaining TV host, one only wonders if he will be given the chance.