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Romney-Ryan, Ready to Roll

Posted: August 12, 2012 at 3:54 am   /   by

In their first campaign address beyond the Norfolk announcement of Paul Ryan as VP candidate, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan delivered a pair of upbeat Reaganesque speeches to a crowd of supporters at Manassas.  Ryan, speaking first, was at his best — confident, comfortable, assertive, with an infectious enthusiasm.  As I watched, I feared Romney couldn’t do as well, but he did.  At last he has five major themes well-honed and well-delivered.  What an improvement over that 59-point document nobody read!

Just as Carter did against Reagan in 1980, Obama and his nasty, negative, class-warfare surrogates are going to have a lot of trouble competing with Romney-Ryan if the latter can keep this up.  Reagan won 44 states in 1980.  Can Romney-Ryan approach that record?


David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper began writing for in January, 2011. His 40-year career in engineering includes senior- and officer-level positions at ATT Bell Labs, Bellcore, Motorola, and Intel. Now retired, he lives in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 44 years. Both are active in volunteer work and politics. David is a volunteer science teacher at Before WesternFreePress, he wrote for technical journals including Scientific American. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.
David Leeper