WFP Interviews Charles Goyette, Author, Speaker, and Media Personality

| August 4 2012
David Leeper

On July 31, 2012,’s Brad Zinn interviewed Charles Goyette author, speaker, and media personality. The occasion was a special Americans for Prosperity celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nobel Laureate Economist Milton Friedman.

Milton Friedman’s PBS television series Free to Choose is a classic among Conservatives and Libertarians.  The 1980 series, updated in 1990, is available for free viewing at  All Americans should watch this series to understand the role that free choice and free markets play in producing prosperity for everyone — especially the “common man”.

The July 31 event, hosted at the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, included a 1-hour “debate” and Q&A session with Goyette and his co-panelist Joe Cobb.  A principal topic was the role of central banking and our own Federal Reserve Bank in particular.  For the full debate click on this link.  For the interview with Joe Cobb, click here. thanks Tom Jenney, Americans for Prosperity, the Goldwater Institute, and Dr. Jeff Singer for sponsoring this event.


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