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Romney continues to fight “You didn’t build that” philosophy

Posted: July 31, 2012 at 4:25 am   /   by

Defenders of the president—from social networks to the mainstream press to surrogates paid and unpaid—keep insisting that we’re all taking “You didn’t build that” out of context.

Look, folks, whether Obama was saying “you didn’t build that [business]” or “you didn’t build that [road or bridge]” doesn’t change his overall point. It doesn’t change everything else he said, like how grossed out he is by business owners who think they’re so smart, or who are proud and protective of their accomplishments. His contempt for them oozes from every word. His statist philosophy oozes from every word. You business owners are greedy individuals. You owe your success to the collective. Your earnings belong to the collective; you must relinquish them. Resistance is futile—you must comply . . . Blah blah blah.

We’ve heard this plenty of times before, in various forms, from Rousseau to Marx to John Dewey to Elizabeth Warren. The individual is dead. Long live the collective. Yeah yeah, we get it. Obama is no different, and he’s not saying anything different here. Without his teleprompter to protect him, he is letting the mask slip. That’s why everyone keeps playing the full segment of the speech in question, putting the “You didn’t build that” remark in context. The whole thing is revealing. The whole thing is damning.

Last week, we posted on Romney’s first “These Hands” ads. Now, here is another in the series, and once again, it play the full context of the remark.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. But President Obama’s comments show that he just doesn’t understand who the real job creators are. How can he help small businesses, like those in Ohio, when he doesn’t even recognize their value?